Distilled Rum Recipe

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How to make rum – Distilling Liquor

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What mixes best with rum ? - Quora

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Rum Recipe How to Make Rum – Clawhammer Supply

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Pot distilled rum is much closer to Myers rum or a local rum found anywhere in the Caribbean." Prep time: 5 minutes Cook time: 10 minutes Fermentation time: 2 weeks Yield: ≈1.5 gallons 80 proof rum

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How to Make Rum: (A Distiller's Guide To Traditional

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How to Make Rum: Wash Recipe Fermenting Your Rum Wash Distilling Collecting Your Distillate Conclusion. A Short Background on The History of Rum. Rum’s origin lies in the 17th century Caribbean Islands. The first distillation of rum took place …

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Blackstrap molasses rum recipe Distill It

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With this rum recipe you can throw the yeast trub into your pot while heating up your molasses and sugar which saves you some time and cleaning. Dunder optional Dunder (or backset for whiskey) is the remaining liquids left in your boiler after distilling a fermented wash (but …

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How to make rum – Distilling Liquor

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Recipe taken from book published in 1829. Instructions on how to make rum: To Make Jamaica rum. To make Jamaica rum, it is necessary to procure some of the tops, or other parts of the sugar canes, and to put them in a still, in the proportion of a pound weight to two gallons of pure flavourless spirit, and one gallon of pure water.

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Distilled Rum Recipes

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More about "rum recipes distilled" HOW TO MAKE RUM (WITH PICTURES) - WIKIHOW. 2011-06-21 · Rum has been in production since the 17th century in the Caribbean, where the majority of rum production still takes place. It was traditionally made from sugarcane juice, but now is usually made from molasses or brown sugar.

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Easy Rum Recipe – Learn to Moonshine

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bubbles stop passing through air lock. DISTILLING. Once fermention has completed wait a day or two and then transfer the wash into another container wait another 2 days and transfer the wash into the fermenter this will allow the wash to …

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Rebel Rum Recipe Learn to Distill

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Here is a Rum Recipe that one of my friends decided to call "Rebel Rum". it was super smooth, and had tons of flavor. This is for a 5 gallon wash. 1 gallon of Black Strap Molasses ( See below for more info on Mollases) 5 lbs of Dark brown Sugar 2 Gallons of Boiling Hot…

Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins

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Moonshine Rum and Bourbon Recipes

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Rum. Rum is usually the spirit first recommended to the new distiller. It is the easiest to produce with ingredients locally available to everyone. Rum is the distilled fermentation of molasses. Molasses is the by product of refining sugar cane into white granulated sugar. Molasses still contains sugar ranging from 40% sugar content in

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Awesome Rum Recipe Rum Recipes Brewhaus Forum

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Awesome Rum Recipe: "Okay, here's my rum recipe. It's easy, it's cheap and it makes a pretty darn good rum. 1 gallon feed grade black strap molasses 4 gallons water 7 pounds sugar Distillers yeast Yeast nutrient Mix the 1 gallon of molasses with 1 gallon

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Distilling Rum How to Distill Rum Rum Distillation

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While it’s possible to run a distillery by computer, we prefer to distill and age rum using some of the oldest traditions in the world. We batch distill over a direct flame using handmade Alembic copper pot stills and make our rum at altitude because these practices add so much to the final product—elements that are hard (if not impossible!) to program into a machine.

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spiced rum recipe Aussiedistiller, Home Distilling

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spiced rum recipe. by amaizing » Fri Jun 15, 2012 9:50 am. this recipe makes 10 litres 40%. 6 kilos raw sugar. 2 kilos rich dark brown sugar. turbo 48 yeast. 25 litres pure water (not straight from tap) ferment that then run through your still ive got a little euro style 5 litre reflux that seems to retain some flavor from wash.

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Easy DIY Rum at home Ketelkraal Easy DIY rum Easy DIY rum

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Easy DIY rum If your goal is to create a light white rum then no ageing is required. Simply dilute the drink with water to reach 45% and blend your mix …

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How to Make Rum Original Cuban & Jamaican flavors recipe

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Homemade Rum Recipe Ingredients: Brown cane sugar (or molasses) – 5kg; Water – 20-25 liters; Yeast (Distilling or Wine Yeast) About Yield. Depending on the production features molasses sugar content is 30-73% (usually it’s 50%). Knowing this index allows estimating the yield of distillate. 1kg of cane sugar yields up to 1.2 liters of rum

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How to Make Rum: Distiller's Recipe – Still Spirits

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Once distilled, you'll make a light colourless rum that can be made into dark rum or spiced rum if you wish. White rum does not undergo any aging process, however, once distilled and diluted to 40% ABV (80 proof), it is best to leave it for a few days minimum so the flavours can stabilise.

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Beginner Rum Recipe Distilling Blog

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Molasses and/or raw cane sugar in a total combined ratio of 1kg to 4 or 5 Liters of water depending on the quality of the molasses being used. 10 grams of your favorite type of yeast and a teaspoon of DAP (Diammonium Phosphate) or yeast nutrient to feed the yeast. Heat the water in the stockpot and add in your molasses and/or sugar to dissolve.

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Rum Recipes Outer Banks Distilling

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Kill Devil Classic Daiquiri 2 oz Kill Devil Silver 1/2 oz fresh lime juice 1/2 oz simple syrup Combine all ingredients in a shaker tin with ice, shake and strain into a chilled martini glass and garnish with a lime zest twist. The Devil Wears Chata 1 1/2 oz Kill Devil

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How to Make Rum (with Pictures) wikiHow

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To make rum, dissolve sugar and molasses in hot water, let it cool, and add hydrated yeast. Let that mixture ferment for a couple days before you chill it to knock the yeast to the bottom of the bucket. Then, distill the rum

1. Begin by placing 20 L of water in a clean boiler. The operative word is clean. The slightest bit of contamination can spoil the rum. Before you start, make sure you're dealing with the cleanest ingredients and a sanitary area. Clean and then submerge any utensils you will be using in boiling water. Turn the heat off the boiling water and soak your pot or barrel in the near-boiling water. Then dump the water. This will help kill off any potentially harmful germs.
2. Dissolve both the sugar and molasses in 20 liters of water over medium heat. The sugar will dissolve easily, but the molasses will be tougher dissolve, as it is very sticky. Try not to boil the water. Continue to let it heat up until bubbles just start to form, and then turn the burner off.
3. Cool the solution to 28 °C (82 °F) and add the hydrated yeast. You may find it helpful to take out about 1 liter of the mash in a jug first; try dissolving the yeast in the smaller jug. Then, when the mixture begins to foam up, incorporate with the rest of the wort.
4. Allow solution to ferment at 25° C (77° F) until the airlock on your pot stops bubbling. The yeast needs heat to keep converting sugar to alcohol. So be sure to store the wash in a warm place or keep the room artificially heated. The airlock on the pot will let the carbon dioxide out without letting oxygen in. It should take about 24 - 48 hours for the airlock to stop bubbling. The airlock is a really important piece of the fermentation process. You can make an airlock yourself pretty easily, or you can buy one inexpensively. Either way, be sure the airlock fits well and doesn't let additional air into the container. Why is it important that no air gets into the wash? The yeast feeds on oxygen from the sugar molecules, leaving ethyl alcohol behind (and spitting out carbon dioxide). If the yeast has a continuous supply of oxygen to eat, it won't be effective scavenging the oxygen from the sugar molecules.

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Distilling Homemade Rum Recipes

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2020-08-09 · Basic Rum Recipe Are you ready to make your own rum? We are now going to share a quick recipe to help you get started. Ingredients. 3 ½ gallons distilled water; 2lb sugar; 3 quarts molasses; 1 tbsp. distillers yeast (Many also believe that Fleishman’s active dry baker’s yeast will work just fine) You will also need a clean stockpot, distiller, or a still kit to make your own

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Best Rum Distilling Recipes Besto Blog

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Easy Moonshine Rum Recipe You. See also Nutiva Organic Hemp Protein Hi Fiber Nutrition Facts. What Is Blackstrap Rum Anyway Punch. Muddy River Distillery. Muddy River Distillery. Rum. Montanya Distillers Colorado Rum Rocky Mountain Distillery. See also Cooked Peach Jam Recipe With Pectin. Best Hot Ered Rum Recipe How To Make Drink.

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Rum Recipes Montanya Rums — Montanya Distillers

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Montanya Distillers Original Cocktail Recipes. We send a Mini Cocktail Guide straight to your inbox when you join Life Distilled, a weekly curated email with articles, music and videos designed to inspire. Join us! Then try 8 favorite recipes from the Montanya Distillers Tasting Room (but maybe not all at once!):

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Recipe Distiller's Rum Wash – Still Spirits

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White rum does not undergo any aging process, however once distilled and diluted to 40% ABV (80 proof), it is best to leave it for a few days minimum so the flavours can stabilise. Dark rum is aged in oak barrels or on oak chips to provide a richer flavour. The oak also contributes to the colour of the final spirit. Click here for the recipe!

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Making Buccaneer Bob's Rum Wash : Home Distilling YouTube

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The crew on patreon voted and its decided! My first rum recipe is going to be Buccaneer Bob's Rum! So let's get stuck into making some homemade rum. Just

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Myers's Rum

6 hours ago Myerssrum.com Show details

Myers’s Platinum White Rum is made from Jamaican sugarcane that is cooked into molasses. Then, the molasses is fermented and distilled using both continuous and pot still distillation. It is then aged in white oak barrels, carefully blended, and filtered to remove color and smoothen taste.

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Rum Recipes – Learn to Moonshine

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Distilling 101; Moonshine Recipes; About Us; Currently browsing category Rum Recipes. This is a collection of my faviorite rum recipes, I’ve also included some that readers have email me in the past. Easy Rum Recipe. This is a great recipe for anyone looking to make a great tasting rum. It’s simple and can be easily done with …

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Spice up your rum Distiller Magazine distilling.com

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Rum was a component of triangular slave trade routes through which slaves, sugar and rum were shunted across and along the Atlantic. Spice trade raised empires through bloody warfare fueled by the high value of spices. Today’s distillers working with paid staff and spices traded through fair supply routes are operating on a different basis.

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Pot Distilled Rum — St. Augustine Distillery

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Pot Distilled Rum . 45% ABV / 90 PROOF. Our Pot Distilled Rum, made from select, regional Grade A US Fancy sugarcane syrups and molasses made from Florida sugar cane. It is one of the very few rums that is aged in barrels that previously held bourbon from the same distillery. We believe our Pot Distilled Rum is the ultimate continuation of

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Easy Moonshine Rum Recipe YouTube

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For personal advice, check out my live, call-in webcastsSaturdays, 10pm eastern, 7 pacifichttp://www.ustream.tv/channel/the-westcoast-exterminatorand on face

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How to make Dark Rum from Molasses — Distillery King Australia

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Are you new to distilling? Check our our Rum Distillery Kit. It has all the equipment and ingredients you need to make the below recipe. You can also get all the ingredients for this recipe (minus the grain) with our Rum Distiller's Yeast Pack. We recommend using the Alembic Pot Still to make this rum. Using 25 L (6.6 US Gal) 12% ABV Molasses What you will need: 20g Distiller’s Yeast - Rum

Estimated Reading Time: 4 mins

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White Rum Recipes – Doundrins Distilling

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The Rum Cake. This cocktail tastes like breakfast in a glass. Take 5 to 8 blueberries and muddle together with maple syrup and vanilla syrup. Top the glass with ice add Doundrins Distilling White Rum and shake till all the syrup is dissolved. Top with cream soda and enjoy with your morning eggs and bacon. 1.5 oz Doundrins’ White Rum.

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The Best Homemade Spiced Rum {HOW TO VIDEO!}

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How to Make Spiced Rum. Combine all ingredients except the vanilla bean in a lidded 1-quart jar. Split the vanilla bean lengthwise and scrape the seeds into the rum mixture and add the bean. Cover the jar tightly and shake one minute. Place the Spiced Rum

Ratings: 60
Calories: 14 per serving
Category: Drinks
1. Combine all ingredients except the vanilla bean in a lidded 1-quart jar.
2. Split the vanilla bean lengthwise and scrape the seeds into the rum mixture and add the bean. Cover the jar tightly and shake one minute.
3. Place the Spiced Rum in a dark place for 2 days. After 24 hours, shake it again.
4. Strain the Spiced Rum through a fine-mesh sieve or cheesecloth into a clean bottle. Throw away the spices.

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Molasses Rum Ingredients & Recipe Kit Moonshine Distiller

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Each molasses rum recipe kit includes the ingredients to produce a 5-gallon wash at about 8% alcohol by volume (which should yield about a gallon at 40% abv, before making cuts). So, if you have a 13-gallon milk can boiler, you would need two of these kits to produce 10 gallons to fill your boiler! Additional information.

Dimensions: 8 × 8 × 14 in
Availability: In stock
Weight: 17 lbs

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Rum Kit Instructions – Clawhammer Supply

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November 18, 2013 posted in Recipes Rum Kit Instructions Clawhammer Rum Kit Instructions. Once again we have been hard at work in the Clawhammer test kitchen. We have been researching rum and perfecting our rum recipe. We have read every book available, talked with professional rum distillers, and tweaked our recipe to make it just perfect.

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Cherry Rum Recipes – Doundrins Distilling

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1.5 oz Doundrins Distilling Immature Brandy. .25 oz Doundrins Distilling Cherry Rum. .25 oz Doundrins Distilling Coffee Liqueur. .25 oz vanilla syrup. 2 dashes of …

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Recipes Cocktails Distilled

9 hours ago Cocktailsdistilled.com Show details

Glass. Brandy Balloon Champagne flute Cocktail Collins Copper Mug Coupe High Ball Hurricane Irish Coffee glass Julep Cup Margarita Martini Mini Cocktail Nick & Nora Old Fashioned Pint Rocks Tiki Wine. Technique. Blended Built Dry Shake Muddled Shaken Stirred Swizzle Thrown. Difficulty.

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Drinks recipes with Botanical Rum Spirited Union Distillery

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To recipe > Our story We’re on a mission to create Union between rum and the colourful world of Botanicals – giving birth to vibrant and exciting Botanical Rums.

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2 Ingredient Rum Drink Five Easy Rum Cocktails Recipe

8 hours ago Cngurzy.blogspot.com Show details

In brazil itself, the distilled alcoholic drink . Rum cocktail in glass with lime and paper straws. With just a little bit of lime, this easy drink with dark rum and cola is full of flavor . 2 ingredient cocktails are easy and refreshing. Rum punch in two glasses with cocktail umbrellas and straws.

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Muddy River Distillery Craft Rums in Belmont, NC

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Muddy River Distillery is one of the top 10 craft rum distilleries in the United States. Carolina Rums are the best rums you've ever tasted using premium ingredients, handcrafted recipes, and custom-built stills.

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Rum Vodka Cocktail Recipes Pinkerton's Distillery

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1 Sugar cube. 2 Dashes Bitters. Orange Twist for Garnish. In a rocks glass muddle one sugar cube with the orange and bitters. Add Pinkerton’s Distillery Gold Rum and one large ice cube and stir. Run the orange peel, peel side down around the rim of the glass. Twist to release the oils into the glass and drop the peel in the glass.

Brand: Pinkerton's Distillery Platinum Rum
Availability: In stock
Email: [email protected]

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Recipes stillwagondistillery.com

Just Now Stillwagondistillery.com Show details

In a shaker with ice: 2oz White or Gold Rum (I prefer the gold) 3/4oz pink grapefruit juice. 1.5oz fresh lime juice. 1/4oz real grenadine. Shake pour in a chilled glass, serve with a. grapefruit peel twist. Devil's Paradise (Super Secret recipe!) In a shaker with ice:

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Distiller’s Cut Rum Recipes Archives New Deal Distillery

4 hours ago Newdealdistillery.com Show details

The Caipirinha is Brazil’s national cocktail, usually made using cachaça, but our Distiller’s Cut Rum works beautifully. Classic Daiquiri New Deal’s Distiller’s Cut Rum is perfect for this classic sour cocktail recipe.

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Spiced Rum Seacrets Homemade Liquors Ocean City MD

Just Now Seacretsdistilling.com Show details

35% ABV/ 70 Proof. Our flagship spirit. A small-batch blend of spiced & barrel-aged rums handcrafted with five all-natural spices. We macerate our gold medal award-winning white rum with cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg, clove & crystalized ginger. This artisan process is unique in the trade due to inherent expense and labor needed to yield the

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Rum Distilling Recipes Dandk Organizer

2 hours ago Dandkmotorsports.com Show details

Recipes Lyon Rum Distillery Tasting Room 10 Diy Moonshine Still Plans And 6 Recipes To Try How To Make Rum Distilling Liquor See also Hot Cherry Peppers Recipes. Thai Boxer Rum Tail Recipe Montanya Distillers Craft Gold Rum Seacrets Homemade Liquors Ocean City Md Mile Hi Distilling Rum

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Sword Swallower Rum – Backwards Distilling Company

4 hours ago Backwardsdistilling.com Show details

Wyoming is most definitely an odd place to make rum. But as lovers of rum, we wanted to make it part of our portfolio. We reverse engineered this rum to be perfect in one of our all-time favorite cocktails: the classic daiquiri. For that, we needed a crisp and bright rum that brings complimentary flavors to the fresh lime in a daiquiri.

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Amber Rum Recipes Archives New Deal Distillery

5 hours ago Newdealdistillery.com Show details

Amber Rum and Bitter Liqueur makes for a sophisticated and complex cocktail that’s simple to mix and enjoy. Caraibico Caraibico is the Italian word for the Caribbean—sounds like an appropriate name for a cocktail that features both Campari and Rum.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best mix with rum?

The best carbonated mixers for rum are ginger beer from Bermuda and Ting, a Jamaican grapefruit soda. Ginger beer differs from ginger ale in that it's a more full bodied flavor profile, a bit less sweet in many cases. A good brand to try is Barritt's.

How do you make rum?

Modern rum is usually made using one of three methods: directly fermenting sugar cane juice, creating a concentrated syrup from sugar cane juice and fermenting the result, or processing the juice into molasses and fermenting that. The climate and the soil will impact the final rum taste,...

What is the process of making rum?

There are four major processes involved in making rum: fermentation, distillation, ageing and blending. The basic principles of rum making are quite simple and use three ingredients - sugar cane, water and yeast.

How do you make rum from molasses?

To obtain rum from molasses. Mix two or three gallons of water with one gallon of molasses, and to every 200 gallons of this mixture add a gallon of yeast. Once or twice a day the head as it rises is stirred in, and in three or four days, 2 gallons more of water is added to each gallon of molasses originally used,...

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