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Get Recipe Keeper Microsoft Store

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Recipe Keeper is the easy to use, all-in-one recipe organizer, shopping list and meal planner available across all of your devices. ADD RECIPES QUICKLY AND EASILY Enter your recipes with as much or as little information as you like. Copy and paste recipes from your existing documents or apps. Categorize your recipes by course and category.

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The 7 Best Recipe Organizers of 2021

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If you love cooking, chances are you have amassed a plethora of favorite recipes pulled from websites, cut out from magazines, or inherited from relatives. Finding a storage solution that lets you easily reference and file them can be a challenge, but there are plenty of great options whether you're looking for physical recipe boxes, folders, binders, or bins—or even digital recipe

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Receipt Scanners Best Buy

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The Plustek SmartOffice PS186 is a 25 page per minute scanner with 50 page feeder and includes all the software you need. With compact design and attractive price point, the …

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The Recipe Box by Corpus Collusion

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A fantastic digital cookbook you'll use every day. The Recipe Box was developed by foodies who love their iPad and wanted to transform it into a 21st-century cooking tool. We’re super excited to help you get your grandma’s recipes into a quickly-sorted, easily shared format that can’t be misplaced, covered in stains, or catch on fire.

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Great Kitchen Gadgets for Recipes Best Devices to

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A few days ago I heard a panel of food experts talk about how they use recipes in their kitchens. Their answers ranged from "old school", pages torn out of …

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The 8 Best Receipt Scanners of 2021

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One of the best mobile scanners available, the Brother DS-640 measures in at 11.8 x 2.2 x 1.4 inches and weighs just over 1 pound. It scans up to 16ppm in both color and black-and-white and can scan to file locations, email, or cloud storage services for easy organization. The included USB 3.0 cable connects the scanner to your Windows-, macOS-, or Linux-based computer for file transfers and

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RecipeBox Store your favorite recipes in one place for free

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View all of your recipes on any device. Save a recipe on your computer and see it on your phone. RecipeBox's cloud sync functionality lets you access your recipes from anywhere. Organize your recipes for easy searching. Trying to see just your Italian recipes? Add categories to any recipe

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How to Organize Recipes Electronically with a Digital

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Save a recipe on your mobile device by clicking the little “send” icon (on your iPhone) and selecting Evernote from the list of options. Step 4: Organize Printed Recipes, Too! Do you have a lot of cookbooks, a stack of old “Cooking Light” magazines, a pile of recipes

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Recipe Keeper App for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows and Mac

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Share your recipes with your friends and family by email. Share to your favorite social networks including Facebook, Instagram & Twitter. Available everywhere. Sync your recipes across your iPhone, iPad, Android phone and tablet, PC and Mac. Your recipes are always with you whether online or offline. Cook hands-free using your Amazon Alexa device.

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Smart Kitchen Gadgets 2019 Guide to the Best Cooking Devices

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Ivee could easily be mistaken for a simple digital alarm clock—but there’s far more than mindless blaring coming out of this gadget. It can add voice control to countless other devices in your smart home, plus answer all kinds of useful questions by querying the Wolfram Alpha knowledge engine. Price: $99 Connectivity: Wifi / Bluetooth

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9 Best Online Recipe Organizers To Replace Your Cookbooks

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OrganizeEat is a recipe organizer that is mobile-based only, available for Android or iOS devices. There is a beta web version available but is no longer accepting signups. Once the beta version

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4 devices in 1: Digital Recipe Collection, HDTV, Digital Photo Frame, Wireless Internet Device Simple, PanTouchphoto touch-screen controls combined, with Pre-Loaded Recipes from Bon Apetit, and a Digital Ready TV with 1024 x 768 HD 1 G of internal memory to store up to 3000 pictures

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The Best Apps to Manage Your Recipe Collection

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Clipping recipes from the web thanks to its built-in browser is easy, and then syncs those recipes to the cloud so you can get back to them on any of your devices. Organizing your recipes into

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Recipea Your digital cookbook

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It's a digital cookbook, somewhere that you can upload your recipes. You can say goodbye to handwritten notes and save your creations online, so they're available on any device. How's it different from any other recipe site?

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How Device Magic Became FGP Manufacturing's Digital Recipe

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Device Magic has become our digital recipe book. When an employee is ready to make a batch, they simply open the forms app on their mobile device, and there it is - every ingredient, every amount, every lot code listed out in the form." FGP is using Device Magic throughout each stage of their three-step operation process.

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These 5 Devices Will Function as Your Digital Trends

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The device is a combination of a cutting board, digital scale, recipe book, and a spice cabinet. The large wooden surface provides ample room for chopping vegetables, and, with a push of a button

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to organize recipes electronically with a digital...?

Open up Evernote on your desktop. Right-click on the image, and then select “Annotate This Image”. A new window will open and you will see the annotation tools on the left. To annotate this recipe, I drew a box around our favorite stuffing variation. Then, I selected the text option to add “Yummy!”.

Is it possible to keep digital copies of recipes?

Keeping digital copies of all of your hand-written recipes, favorite recipes from cookbooks, and other dishes you find on the web can be a difficult task, and there are plenty of tools to help you do it. We asked you which tools you used to manage your collection of hand-me-down recipes and favorite recent finds.

What do you need to know about recipebox?

RecipeBox's cloud sync functionality lets you access your recipes from anywhere. Organize your recipes for easy searching. Trying to see just your Italian recipes? Add categories to any recipe for fast searching later. Quickly filter your recipes and show only the dishes you want.

What's the best gadget to make a recipe?

(Although I do have to confess a fondness for finding chocolate fingerpints or oily smudges when I turn to a page in a cookbook that contains a recipe I've used over and over again.) If you're a low-tech kind of gal, you'll love the Recipe Rock (about $16 in stone gray or white, red, or blue).

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