Windows 7 Service Pack 1 – Performance increase?

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Windows 7 Service Pack 1 – Performance increase?

Click here for the link to my site for Windows 7 SP1 details PCWizKid is the most popular Tech Reviewer on Youtube and has been presented by Microsoft with the 2010 Microsoft® MVP Award! This award is given to exceptional technical community leaders who actively share their high quality, real world expertise with others. PCWizKid is devoted to all those in need of help with your PC software and hardware issues making your PC experience as productive and pain-free as possible. PCWizKid also provides informative Hardware reviews of a wide variety of PC and Electronic products. So sit back, relax and enjoy the show.☺
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Question by leafshadow: I feel lost and unsatisfied?
I am a recent high school graduate who decided not to go to college right after high school. So right now i live with my dad. My main problem is that im not doing anything with my life. I want to do something but I dont actually do it. I just lay around the house until the day is done like a zombie. I am trying to get a job but I feel so worthless and I just forget about applying. My Dad is fed up with me and tells me to get a job (even though he refuses to help). My younger sister treats me like a bum because she has to do school and I am not doing anything. My mom nags me half to death whenever I see her and she treats me like I have a mental problem. I try to get up and do things its just my body doesn’t get up and go. I dont have an instinctal need to do what i want. I want to get a job and do something but I just dont seem able to. I could really use some help or tips. Just what is my problem anyway?

computer tips for kid Best answer:

Answer by Nevada Pokerqueen
Many things can make you feel unmotivated. Here are some thing I have found:

Too much computer
Too much Video Games
Too much Sports

Not enough Exercise
Not enough Fresh Air and Oxygen
Not enough Good Nutrition and Supplements
Not enough Education
Not enough Human Interaction

First of all you need to get out of the House. Start spending time out, anywhere, the park, the library, the gym, school, a job, walking, hiking, fishing, ANYTHING.
Staying indoors all the time fuels your problems. Get active.

You may feel you have the right to do nothing because you graduated High School but doing nothing is just like BEING RETIRED and giving up on life. Most retired people do just that. They retire to their home and rocking chairs, giving up.
You are too young for that.
Do you ever what a great job? A Home of your own? A spouce and kids?
You will never get any of these unless you get motivated and get a good job.
There are many jobs out there that will train you to be a Manager or the Boss.
Here are some for Careers:

Big Five Sports – trains managers
Any Fast Food Restaurant – trains for managers
Olive Garden, Red Lobster etc – train for managers
Boys and Girls Club – work with youth
Blockbuster Video -train for manager


Your family is nagging you because they care about you. You are wasting your life, throwing it away, just laying around doing nothing to improve your life. You should never ever give up improving your LIFE>
Don’t wait, get out and get started doing something.

Read this Book to help you:

The Luck Factor by Dr. Richard Wiseman

Good Luck

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25 Responses to “Windows 7 Service Pack 1 – Performance increase?”

  1. Alessandro Farias says:

    Ativador Windows 7 Todas as versões


    Tire os @

    senha para extrair : 123

  2. Sagari12Master says:

    After installing it my games crash for no reason with error 1000- stopped working. I am so pissed it is insane. I’m removing this shit tomorrow.

  3. YouYousuck1 says:

    There is only SP1.

  4. YouYousuck1 says:

    SP1 Did make my PC run slightly faster, I don’t know what else it did though.

  5. Johanson Gulayan says:

    Where to download your cursor?

  6. MrAlexhitman says:

    I have an asus eee pc (mini pc) with a ssd installed (only 40GB) and I there 2 differences: at startup/shutdown (something like a 5 or 10 seconds) and at ssd space usage (something like 2 GB, a lot with a 40Gb ssd :/). So, I consider install a non sp1 on my laptop, with no updates, only the basic windows (like I have no internet connection xD)…
    Should I update it, or install any importante update?
    tThanks in advance

  7. DuyAnh1 says:

    is SP2 out yet? I wonder

  8. poopz says:

    so one night i thought i should run a update, but i went to the wrong place and chose the wrong things, i installed the windows 7 service pack shit, and now my computer runs 10x slower, and crashes more often,.. WTF… how does this help me and how can i fix it?

  9. GalaxiaShadow says:

    so which is better? SP1, or SP2?

  10. novashadow2 says:

    You goto the site and look for windows ultamate on the microsoft site but you need to pay for it unless you want to pirate it or torrent it.

  11. itchytastyurr says:

    why not just buy a pc that can handel w7- and stick to xp to get super fast xp?

  12. Zoran Stevanovic says:

    me download a then the files is saved in termaly folder where is it??/ me run instalation and says must restart pc and try again

  13. Zoran Stevanovic says:

    me to why!!!!!

  14. Zoran Stevanovic says:

    how to choose that download is for my windows windows 7 ultimate 64bit please help me

  15. Zoran Stevanovic says:

    please me have xp and a ned me to full download WINDOWS & ULTIMATE 64 bit servis pack 1 nedd me a full system

  16. Pyro Fury says:

    but i don’t see windows service pack one in my updates in my windows update, and there are no service pack one installed… help

  17. Adrian N says:

    Did you try downloading SP1 directly from Microsoft’s website, and then installing it?

  18. MrPyrotech96 says:

    when i tried too install spc1 for windows 7 an error showed something like this (0x080b0100
    there is something wrong with windows update)

    And it says “installation failed service pack couldnt install… :( i need a fix

  19. Andrea P says:

    Don’t take those scores too seriously! They’re decreasing from time to time just because new hardware is breaking into the market. Personally, I just check my RAM usage and try to optimize it.

  20. 12300Allan says:

    umm still using windows xp …. still finding some budget to buy a pc that could handle windows 7 .. xD

  21. TheDog7118 says:

    sp1 is 100% bad it like Vista whit no sp install in it like to crash a lot

  22. YvesWonGhz17 says:

    @PCWizKid hi pcwizkid should i download this file from microsoft`s website windows6.1-KB976932-X86.exe @ 500mb? because im confused, theres so many files. im running windows 7 ultimate 32-bit no service pack

  23. specialwomen1 says:

    You did´n have any problems! but I have code error 0×80073712, I can´t do it. Why did´n you say about that? that was very easy for you but a lot of people have this problem.

  24. war4life3000 says:

    Can you help me? I get this error: 0x800f0805
    pls help…

  25. 1Adr1an6 says:

    I actually noticed a few improvements in software, I dunno/this is a bit stupid, but I use Gamebooster 3, I have a shortcut on my taskbar for it, before SP1 the icon didn’t display properly.

    Now I can actually see the icon.

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