Who is the best doctor to go to in Charlotte, NC or Greenville, SC for Parkinson’s disease?

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Question by x: Who is the best doctor to go to in Charlotte, NC or Greenville, SC for Parkinson’s disease?
Is there a center, or a group of doctors that you can recommend?

Can you provide information about why this doctor, doctors, center is better, or the best?

Can you suggest any ways to tell which place or doctor may be the best in this area?

Are any of these better for “late stage” Parkinsons?

Can you suggest any other sites, groups, blogs, Q+A sites that may be a good place to get suggestions?

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Answer by Kevin
Leopold III

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Parkinson’s disease – The Neurodegenerative Diseases Initiative (HD) | A film by the Wellcome Trust

Three bold new research programmes focusing on devastating neurodegenerative diseases – Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and motor neurone disease – have received major funding from the Wellcome Trust and the Medical Research Council. In this short interview, we meet Professors Nicholas Wood, John Hardy and Anthony Schapira at the Institute of Neurology, London, as they outline the changing face of Parkinson’s disease research and their hopes to fully understand its causes and effects at the genetic level.
parkinson disorder information Video Rating: 4 / 5

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One Response to “Who is the best doctor to go to in Charlotte, NC or Greenville, SC for Parkinson’s disease?”

  1. Mags says:

    First of all I am so sorry to hear that you are at a point where you have to prepare for late stage PD.

    Most of us will not be familiar with specific motion disorder neurologist with a Parkinson’s disease specialty but I am going to provide a link to one center and to a Udall Center of Excellence and certainly the place I would take my husband if we lived in the area.

    The first center is the Carolinas Center for Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorders. They are located in Charlotte. You can navigate the pages to learn more about the center. There is info about their leading specialists on the link page below – including the info that one of these doctors specializes in DBS They have several affiliated hospitals and this one is a teaching hospital About the physicians …..there is even an email address at the bottom of the page. Prepare your questions:

    Even though the Raleigh-Durham area is really too far a trip for many PD patients, if you could get to Duke University for at least one appointment, it might be worth it. Duke is on my husbands top 10 list of places he would prefer treatment if money were no object. (We’re in northeast Ohio, our health insurance doesn’t cover it and there are very good facilities here.) Duke is a Morris K Udall Parkinson’s Center of Excellence:
    There is some excellent PD research being conducted at Duke University:

    Support groups are another place to find information first hand – you can talk to patients and caregivers, ask all the questions you want and get a decent idea of who is out there.
    Here’s a support group in Greenville, SC:

    Just in case there are services which could help, here’s a list links to service sites:
    They also have links which will allow you to check licensing of medical professionals, day care etc.

    Better than asking at YA, I would suggest that you check forums such as WeMove.Org
    Join to select the discussion board
    Join Patients Like Me – the Parkinson’s Community – as a caregiver. Although the site is a bit difficult to navigate at times, you will find people who are in your area and can give you some names and caveats fairly rapidly. Open a discussion with your questions or search for open discussions:

    If your patient is at home, just a thought but medical massage is a must to relieve pain and a bit of stiffness. Here’s just a sample:

    An organization where you can find information, ask questions, watch or take part in online events is the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation:

    I wish I could have been more help – I’ll keep my eyes open.
    Best Wishes to you and your Family

    I can be reached through Yahoo Answers or through Contact Us at the site below:

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