what is a liver tested for prior to transplantation?

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Question by Kimberly G: what is a liver tested for prior to transplantation?
Is a liver tested for any diseases prior to being used for transplant? I’m asking specifically because of alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency, a genetic disease of the liver.

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Answer by HollyHobby
When a liver is considered for transplant, the donor is tested for pretty much everything you can imagine. The docs will make sure the liver enzymes in the blood are normal, the donor does not have hepatitis, and there is no history of cirrhosis, etc. Often, an ultrasound and/or CT scan is done of the donor liver. Occasionally, a liver biopsy is performed prior to approving the liver for donation.

The final step is when the liver is harvested and the doc literally holds the donor liver in his hands.

Even if the donor has A1A deficiency, the disease only effects the liver in 15% if the cases. Hypothetically, a donor with A1A deficiency could still donate a healthy liver.

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