Understanding Hardware “Bottlenecks” and How to Avoid Them (NCIX Tech Tips #81)

Computer Tips For Kid

Understanding Hardware “Bottlenecks” and How to Avoid Them (NCIX Tech Tips #81)

Today Linus covers the topic of “bottlenecking” in the context of computer hardware, and gives some strategies to help avoid it and get the most out of your …
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Answer by yums
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25 Responses to “Understanding Hardware “Bottlenecks” and How to Avoid Them (NCIX Tech Tips #81)”

  1. Codarl2 says:

    Another one of those genius bottlenecks is (forcefully) using a VGA cable instead of DVI.
    Some 22″monitors dont-have-DVI! A friend my me nearly found this out the hard way.

  2. EVOCHROME says:

    Also watch 10:10

  3. EVOCHROME says:

    It will work although I would recommend a better (intel i3 3220 120$?) CPU, it sure is worth it.

  4. kastor7yo says:

    if i have a 100$ AMD cpu and go with a 250$ graphics card will i have this problem ?

  5. Model110SASS says:

    Yes, high FPS is obtainable with any processor and I myself actually have an AMD processor. The 3220 also uses only 55w when the 6300 uses 95w, which is another reason I would recommend it, less heat, but the 6300 is also overclock-able, and I have no idea if the front side bus could be used to overclock the i3 3220 which is something I will have to look in to.

  6. Model110SASS says:

    The i3 3220 operates at 3.3ghz on 2 cores, and 4 threads, so basically 4 cores are registered by windows. Besides that as I said architecture is factored, Intel cores are more efficient cores, summed up, and if need be I can go into depth. Also outside of games you see HUGE improvements with the i7 over the 8350. To me the price is justified but the price of the 8350 is great and strictly for gaming an extra 100 bucks for 5-7 frames isn’t worth it.

  7. Model110SASS says:

    Actually it only takes 3570 not even the K edition, so that’s about 200 dollars rather than 219, also the 6300 has been beaten by the i3 3220 in testing, even in game, its architecture, its not all about cores and clock speed. Also the i3 3220 is about 129.99, the only difference between the 3225 and 3220 is 2500 graphics vs 4000, which shouldn’t be factored in if a dGPU is being used.From the tests I’ve seen the i3 3220 only beats on average by .3 frames, but its still an improvement.

  8. bastec666 says:

    I like how you compare different price products. the 6300 is 139.99 so intel, in that price bracket, is a meek i3-2120t DUAL CORE with 2 cores and 4 threads clocked at a small 2.6ghz. AMD would smash intel when your playing the price per dollar game. for intel to beat a 200 dollar AMD 8350 (top most product amd has) you have to spend 279.99 on a 3.4Ghz intel i7-3770 quad core and even then the performance increase isn’t much. I’ll save money and just buy AMD, and still get high fps in games.

  9. bastec666 says:

    im so high but this is like WOW lol. good video

  10. Model110SASS says:

    No, a 3220 or a 3225 out perform the FX 6300, a 6 core AMD, they have 2 cores but 4 threads, i5′s have 4 threads. They will perform well in games as well as general activities.

  11. TheJadyn123 says:

    Hey would a i3 bottleneck a gtx 660

  12. 851852093114208513 says:

    I can only afford to upgrade one component at a time. My whole system bottlenecks itself… lol

  13. DragonsREpic says:

    wow ur nice, kid

  14. THEJOKER1214 says:

    building a computer for your grandma XD

  15. uza3 says:

    nope. not at all.

  16. yzyzso says:

    I’m going with 8G Kit 1866 G.Skill Ripjaws-X RAM, Asrock 970 Extreme 4 MotherBoard, WD Black SATA3 3.5 inch / 1tb FAEX HDD,Corsair GS800-V2 PSU / Is that a good build?

  17. uza3 says:

    hell no bro. that’s perfect i mean unless you had like 3 gbs ram or not enough HDD your well off. Assuming your motherboard is good as well.

  18. yzyzso says:

    If I had the AMD FX-8350 and the Asus HD7970 Direct CU ii in the same system is that a bottleneck?

  19. matt byrne says:

    I feel really stupid now for buying a galaxy geforce gt 610 but getting it with 2gb of memory

  20. kirtpincott says:

    what are you on about you stupid littie shit?

  21. bob wayne says:

    thanks and its a ivy bridge i3 3220

  22. 1DigitalFlow says:

    lol@ 1000watt power supply bottlenecking.. bad example man

  23. Christian Caballero says:

    Well, my FX-4100 @4.3Ghz is a bottleneck for my gtx670

  24. FakePixels says:

    Hey thanks for the advice the system has now changed alot,

    CPU – AMD FX 8350
    Mobo – MSI 990XA-GD55
    RAM – Crucial Ballistix Elite 8GB 1600MHz
    GPU – XFX Radeon HD 7870 2GB
    SSD – Crucial M4 64GB
    PSU XFX ProSeries 550W
    Windows 7 64-Bit

    Thank You for all the help!

  25. LordReserei01 says:

    Thanks. Yeah, I use several multi-threaded apps or do a lot of multi-tasking whether it’s video editing or virtual machines hence the large amount of RAM. It’s basically my gaming and editing rig, although I plan on grabbing an FX-8350 in another month or so.

    At the time (2011) I was on a budget and needed an upgrade from a Core2Duo for what I did. Bulldozer failed, I wanted an hexa-core, so I bought the 1090T and went over to AMD before production stopped. I haven’t looked back.

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