Tips for Overcoming Hoarse Voice

Many things can cause your voice hoarse or even lose, from the flu, laryngitis, throat infections, too much talk and so forth. Hoarse voice sometimes is very annoying especially for those who sell the voice for its livelihood.

Fortunately there are some things you can do to restore your melodious voice with a fast, here are a few of them.

Drinking a lot
By drinking a lot, it is hoped the passage of water in the esophagus will help to clean up the bacteria that exist there.

Drink tea honey
Drink while warm to help relax muscles in the throat including the voice box. Do not drink coffee or tea because both these drinks can cause dehydration and aggravate the situation. Drink camomile tea with a teaspoon of the honey added.

Gargling with salt water
If your sound hoarse or even lose probably due to infection. Use salt water to gargle to clean the area.

Of course you have to do is as much as possible to reduce the discharge of voice.

Throat Massage
Resting the neck, shoulders and back also make your voice box relax so much air that passes through it.

Warm water bath
The heat of water will help your muscles relax. Water vapor generated help your throat in a hydrated condition.

Breathe Fresh Air
Make sure the air you breathe when breathing is always in a fresh condition, avoid cigarette smoke, dust, pollution and so forth.

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