Still Alice

Alzheimers Disease Information

Still Alice

alzheimers disease information – click on the image below for more information.

Still Alice

alzheimers disease information

“Powerful, insightful, tragic, inspirational…and all too true.” Alireza Atri, Massachusetts General Hospital Neurologist “Readers…are artfully and realistically led through…a window into what to expect, highlighting the importance of allowing the person with the disease to remain a vibrant and contributing member of the community…” Peter Reed, PhD, Director of Programs, National Alzheimer’s Association “With grace and compassion, Lisa Genova writes about the enormous white emptiness

Still Alice

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What is Alzheimer’s Disease? (Part 1 of 3) | HealthiNation

How does Alzheimer’s affect the brain and memory? Dr. Holly explains. Related Videos: Signs & Symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease (Part 2 of 3) | HealthiNation Treating & Caring for Alzheimer’s (Part 3 of 3) | HealthiNation TRANSCRIPT: Overview Alzheimer’s disease is a condition that affects the brain and is the leading cause of dementia, which refers to problems with thinking and reasoning, memory loss and loss of social abilities. Today, nearly 5.2 million adults over age 65 have the disease, and this number is expected to quadruple by 2050. Alzheimer’s disease gets worse with time and currently, there is no cure. Risk Factors Age is the predominant risk factor for Alzheimer’s disease. Other risk factors include: Family history and genetics. People with a close family member with Alzheimer’s disease have a higher risk of developing it, too. Gender. Women are more likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease than men. Lifestyle. Poor diet and physical inactivity may increase the risk of Alzheimer’s. Doctors also believe the same factors that increase the risk of heart disease, like high cholesterol and high blood pressure, may also increase your chances of developing Alzheimer’s. How Alzheimer’s Disease Develops Alzheimer’s occurs when cells in the brain become damaged and die. This decreases the number of functioning brain cells, and limits the brain’s ability to work correctly. It’s not fully known what causes the cells to die, but doctors and
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