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10 Internet Safety Tips

Stay Safe online

Here are our top ten tips for staying safe online. For more advice visit Download our practical advice leaflet, Your guide to internet safety, at
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Question by : how do vending machine manufacturers make sure that no one steals or breaks into them?
i know they’re heavy but what if a group of people wanted to steal one by all means. Also how do they prevent people from breaking the glass?

10 internet safety tips Best answer:

Answer by Kasey C
In general, such machines are placed in areas where

1) It’s not open to the general public, or at least only during business hours

2) It’s in a patrolled or camera-watched section

I mean, face it… How many of those vending machines do you see actually on the street? None. It’s always INSIDE a mall, a cafeteria, a building, and so on.

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10 internet safety tips
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