Skyrim : Hearthfire – HOW TO GET PETS

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Skyrim : Hearthfire – HOW TO GET PETS

STEPS* — + FOR JUST DOGS + ———————————- 1. TRAVEL TO MEEKO’S SHACK ( ) 2. TALK TO DOG AND FOLLOW IT. 3. ASK IT TO COME BACK HOME WITH YOU ( requires hearthfire dlc ) 4. GO INSIDE WITH IT AND YOUR CHILD SHOULD TALK TO YOU ( requires adopted child) 5. BOOM U HAVE A DOG *talk to dog and tell it to stay here* ——————————— +TO GET PETS+ ——————————— 1. EVERY 3-8 DAYS GAMETIME YOUR CHILD SHOULD BRING HOME A RANDOM PET ( only if you dont have a dog) [PETS INCLUDE] = rabbit = skeever = fox = mudcrab = frostbite spider HOW TO GET A CHILD TUTORIAL *REQUIRED* – — EXTRA TAGS skyrim how to where help dovakiin find glass on hay straw oblivion goat horns need xbox 360 willisxd solitude riverwood whiterun Way Tips New Always Cow Tutorial “How-to (Conference Subject)” Tricks You Your John Found Skyrim : Hearthfire – Getting Started Guide skyrim hearthfire guide getting started dlc “skyrim hearthfire house” “hearthfire where to buy house” “skyrim hearthfire” “skyrim hearthfire dlc” custom house “skyrim custom house” xbox ps3 pc addon “skyrim hearthfire gameplay” “skyrim hearthfire guide” “skyrim custom houses” new gameplay commentary guide walkthrough adventure “elder scrolls skyrim” “skyrim hearthfire ps3″ “skyrim hearthfire pc” add-on widescreen Playthrough How To Build A House In Skyrim Hearthfire! Hearthfire Skyrim Elder Scrolls ESV Five Tutorial Guide Walkthrough Video “Let’s
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Answer by Yulissa
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24 Responses to “Skyrim : Hearthfire – HOW TO GET PETS”

  1. Wix3nZ says:

    *kid enters with khajiit* Can we keep him , pa?

  2. Wix3nZ says:

    So if i get a dog first they will not bring any other pets? (I read the discription?

  3. pofke912 says:

    my kid brougth home a skeever….i killed it :D

  4. MrTrevyn says:

    I better not find a frickig skeever when I get home

  5. Jonathan Spraggins says:

    My kid had adopted a pet skeever

  6. Bricknews123 says:

    is it 2 dogs per child, or 2 dogs in general, even if you have 1 or 2 childs?

  7. GriefedBlind says:

    can you have more than 1 pet? and how do you make animals follow you (if you can)

  8. Soloworth says:

    kid didnt aknowledge thw dog at all, is it because i have two kids?

  9. SoSolid2924 says:

    *Child comes home with a frostbite spider* “Papa can i keep it?” *Dragonborn crushes spider with warhammer* “No.” why the fuck would they bring home spiders and skeevers lol

  10. NinjaBunni13 says:

    So helpful, thank you!

  11. Wolfgirl91200 says:

    I have my death hound, Garmr, as my pet. I dont see why the kids love a killing machine as a pet

  12. WiLLiSGaming says:


  13. Ronny Rock says:

    i came home my kid had a baby fox!

  14. MinecrafterGal88 says:

    I just know when I get sofie she is gonna find a pet… man kids and random pets…
    I wonder if it will be a fox or a bunny?? Can’t wait to know

  15. SuperCARMIN3 says:

    Fuck you vampires.its all about the werewolfs

  16. ripstickish says:

    my kid got a fox! :3

  17. LilJ3090 says:

    My daughters don’t give a fuck about what i bring home lol, I brought home a million damn pets and every time neither of them could’ve cared less lmao

  18. solidus24 says:

    I made Meeko my pet, and after that my daughter got a fox. Now I bought Dawnguard, brought a husky home, and she didn’t react. I figured it was due to the fox, so I killed it. (Father of the year, I know! :D ) now like 3 ingame days have passed, and if I turn up with the husky, she still won’t say anything about keeping it. Do you have any ideas on this? Should I just wait longer? Thanks in advance!

  19. theshadow27000 says:

    you can buy a dog at markarth to just putting that out there

  20. kenziegtaIVking says:

    your kid has some balls to get a spider about the same size as it O____O

  21. HardcorKnight says:

    can the pets the kids bring home respawn?

  22. corey simons says:

    My little girl brought home a fox

  23. Chris Maccool says:

    So that’s where the Huskies came from.

  24. lilcrakhed2 says:

    I got one of the huskies as a pet but when I bring the other one home, the kids don’t really care.

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