Sapphire Radeon HD6770 1GB Vapor-X Graphics Card Review

Computer Tips For Kid

Sapphire Radeon HD6770 1GB Vapor-X Graphics Card Review

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Simsbury Library announces February programs
computer tips for kid
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22 Responses to “Sapphire Radeon HD6770 1GB Vapor-X Graphics Card Review”

  1. brizzlestick says:

    nope, I noticed it too..


  2. tom handlson says:

    the vapor-x edition is 50% better

  3. sang3Eta says:

    “how much better than the 5770 ?” no much it’s a rebadged 5770 with 3D support.

  4. Lucas Medina says:

    no entendi ni mierddas :yaoming:

  5. DoMiNaToR2465 says:

    how much better than the 5770 ?

  6. ATARI800XLfan says:

    Would this be a good card size wise for a Essentio CM1730-01?

  7. jebbtalle says:

    so you mean that there is some sort of liquid solution in the vapor x cooling?

  8. jebbtalle says:

    is this overclocked out of the box? and if so how do you stop it, or configure it to run non o.c?

  9. wowiexxx says:

    Just bought this card and it runs all my big games without any problems. I Have a quad core 2.4 intel processor , 4 Gig ram . Dual monitor setup. 650 wat psu. I am very impressed with the performance and I haven’t over-clocked the card at all. I just finished Crysis 2 on highest settings. I would recommend this card to anyone . :-)

  10. Lukas Albertin says:

    can i play with this grafikkart battlefield3 ? pls kommi back

  11. mrliniutalobo1 says:

    I think it’s better than gtx550ti because of the cooler . The Vapor-X holds the temp. at only 64 degrees Celsius in full load compared to a gtx 55o ti that goes to 80-90 degrees Celsius in full load >_>. You can choose. I recommend 6770.

  12. keepsyougoing1 says:

    its kinda same carda if you are a fanboy of nvidia you go for gtx550ti if you are a fanboy of amd you go for hd6770 vapor-x

  13. BRUNO BODONI says:

    Why is that the sapphire hd6670 has more fps than this card in other setting. I compared the fps of this card and the 6670 on your other video and I am confused.because in crysis 2 hd 6670 in 1680×1050 advanced setting min 24 fps,avg 32fps, max 59fps. and this card is min 24fps, avg 35fps, max 57fps.And 6670 is only a entry level card.

  14. PearlDrums1234 says:

    Recommend any good clocks to overlclock this card to?

  15. TheUltimateEnergy111 says:

    is it better than gtx 550ti?

  16. helloimclaudio says:

    Does the motherboard have the PCI 16 slot

  17. V3N0MousProductions says:

    Not sure whether to get the Asus HD 6770 1GB or the SAPPHIRE HD 6770 1GB. Will the Asus GPU work better because I have and Asus MB? Help please!

  18. DotAllPros says:

    Am I the only one who noticed the link is 6670 not 6770?

  19. DotAllPros says:


  20. greenpacket1 says:

    am so fucking excited XD am getting this soon >,<

  21. StormBringerRider says:

    Current price in US right now please? how much is the lowest price and where to buy?

  22. Benny Clark says:

    is this compatible with a Packard Bell iMedia motherboard?

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