Sapphire AMD Radeon HD6870 1GB Vapor-X Edition Graphics Card Review

Computer Tips For Kid

Sapphire AMD Radeon HD6870 1GB Vapor-X Edition Graphics Card Review

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computer tips for kid
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25 Responses to “Sapphire AMD Radeon HD6870 1GB Vapor-X Edition Graphics Card Review”

  1. IKERSUN says:

    I have an amd fx 8150 and power supper of 550w can i run this graphic card on this power supper??

  2. pivotxxteenfb12 says:

    3:15 1024 Minecraft.

  3. riley tokraks says:

    i think, just a 3.0 GHz CPU or somthing of that nature, this card… and an OK amount of RAM

  4. TheLighters100 says:

    which is better??

  5. Sean Simington says:

    Should i get this or a new procceser i currently have an amd quad core and i also have a radeon hd 6550d

  6. Nightmare1066 says:

    My GPU is also sapphire but not vapor X and it runs just as cool, it’s also 6870. It looks as same as Vapor-X but it doesn’t have that plate on the bottom.

  7. tavi921 says:

    wtf? 2.3 fps with oc on heaven??

  8. MrSAboy210 says:

    Medium Gamer:
    6770 Vapor-X or 6870 Vapor-X?

  9. DemonTraven says:

    @SamDeRe81 i’e got this in a build for about 600$ tho i didn’t buy any hdds nor a dvd writer :s alrdy had those

  10. nowaybackforme says:

    i have the xfx version of ths. great card I run bf2 max settings black ops max and bfp4f

  11. FriezaReturns00001 says:

    @SamDeRe81 that is what I have right now

  12. PostalDude245 says:

    This card can run it maxed out no problems, PCWizkid just ran it on 1680×1050 resolution which is OVERmaxed if you ask me. If you set the res to 1024×600 or lower (or a tad bit higher), you’ll get around 30-40fps from Crysis.

  13. Martinx88813 says:

    They are nice Looking cards…

  14. DeliriousSam says:

    Help Please. Which is better the HD 6870 or the GTX 560, does anybody know, I need to choose one because I will be purchasing a new card soon.

  15. stripesthebird says:

    would you recommend this card or the XFX 6870 with dual fans?

  16. joshetham says:

    If you like nVidia, go for GTX 570. But if you prefer AMD, go for Radeon HD 6970. Hope that clears your doubt.

  17. EmperorTerran says:

    vapor X are known for being very quiet, should have give something about that too

  18. N00bizme says:

    I’m running crysis 2 fine with the following : intel i5 760 at 2.80 ghz, 6 GB of ddr3 ram,nvidia gtx 460.I dont overclock btw,but could someone that is using windows 7 tell me what the directory ( c: ) of the crysis 2 graphics menu is? I seem to have misplaced it somehow.I mean the full thing,not just instructions.Thanks.

  19. shadowk33 says:

    the gtx 460 is better from 6870 ati?

  20. Traxxdays says:

    How to put on GPGPU on ati ? well i mean to use the GPU as half CPU like thingy :P someone?

  21. 789123456789 says:

    call the guys on NASA. its their favorite game.

  22. gqtrebor says:

    found you by mistake, great videos.

  23. rampike74 says:

    What happened to Peltier elements?

  24. stripesthebird says:

    just about anything with a discrete gpu can run it on at least medium. I run it on max settings on my gts250 with about 17 fps.

  25. flamingarse1 says:

    you need one running an intel i7 running at 4.3 with 21 gb ddr3 and 3 asus ares’s i wonder what the fps would (imagineing) (it stoped) not sure

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