Q&A: What are the worst or abnormal diseases,disorders,or syndroms?

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Question by Amanda S.: What are the worst or abnormal diseases,disorders,or syndroms?
hey im currently having a medical class and i need help with a project

what do u think is the worst or abnormal diseases,disorders,or syndroms u have ever heard of????
just give a short summary on the disease or whatever and give me the name of the disease,disorder,or syndrom
xoxo sierra

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Answer by coachpisco@verizon.net
Here’s a list of gastrointestinal disorders. Take your pick

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The real-life sleeping beauty, 17, who has illness which makes her belt out
blood disorder information
There are only 45 people in the UK who have the condition, which is a complex neurological disorder characterised by periods of excessive amounts of sleep and altered behaviour. The teenager wants to become a nurse so she can help others, but is …
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One Response to “Q&A: What are the worst or abnormal diseases,disorders,or syndroms?”

  1. kkaylalynn says:

    I just learned about a terrible disease a little girl has i know. Its called Canavan’s Disease. It is extremely rare..affects about 200 to 500 people in the US. It is a neurological disease with no cure and most children with it die around 8 years old. Yu can get more information on it from google. This disease causes seizures, mental delay, the children cant walk or talk…they are really sick! Another rare disease I know of is PKU. My sister was diagnosed with it through the heel stick test when she was born. I had a 1 and 4 chance of getting it. This is a metabolic disorder where the children cant break down the protein phenylalanine. My parents where both carriers of it. She is on a restricted diet her whole life and on a special formula. She also has to check her blood levels every two weeks. If we didnt learn she had this she would have been mentally retarded by age 5. You can get more info on these at the Boston children hospital website. But conditions are rare and most people dont know anything about them! Hope this helps!

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