Q&A: Do you think border line personality disorder makes a person or is a part of sum one?

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Question by maggieslove88: Do you think border line personality disorder makes a person or is a part of sum one?
Is borderline personality disorder rare anyway? i have it and i want to learn more….is there online support groups?

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Answer by I am
Ive just been diagnosed with this. there are not many support groups depite this being so popular. it is usually a term given to patients when psychs dont fully understand why a person is behaving in a certain way. if you want to know more, then type borderline personality disorder into google engine. it will come up with loads of information. other than that, the best person to ask would be your psych. if you want to talk you can e-mail me! I hope you have this resolved soon. chin up! ; )

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4 Responses to “Q&A: Do you think border line personality disorder makes a person or is a part of sum one?”

  1. TheHelper says:

    BPD is one of the most common mental ailments. The number of borderline patients at psychiatric hospitals outnumbers any other kind of patient. And no, BPD doesn’t make a person, it’s just an illness. And yeah, there are online support groups. If you are a teen, go to teenhelp.org.
    If you are an adult, then I’m not really sure of any online support groups, but what you should do either way is get therapy.

  2. SH2007 says:


    I have bpd- when first diagnosed i believed what teh first answerer believed that it is something labelled on people who they dont know what is wrong but thats not true there are specific criteria and after a lot of reading and research i have found this to be true.

    there is a website for bpd set up by a suffer bpdworld.org, there is a forum i think but i am not sure about support groups and i dont think they are set up by health professionals.

    bpd is hard to treat, sometimes anti-depressants can help with symptoms as can counselling etc.

    I found reading about the condition and learning about it probably the most helpful thing as i started to recognise the criteria in myself!
    go to amazon and type in borderline personality disorder and you will find books on it, or perhaps check your local library.

    if you don’t fancy reading a book then you could look at some of the information online.

    one of the best books i read was “get me outta here” by rachael reiland.

    BPD is not rare but it’s just not as well publicised and understood as some of the other mental illnesses.

    best wishes

  3. Donna C says:

    Borderline personality disorder is not as rare anymore as it used to be many many people are being diagnosed with the disorder everyday when others call it mood swings or anti-social usually what causes this is a trauma in childhood perhaps the loss of a loved family member or pet or something more dark such as sexual abuse or any kind of abuse. Sometimes the mind can not handle something thrust-ed up on it and so it splits as an alternative to insanity. I know quite a bit about this subject. Here is a wonderful website to check out also check out the section of D.I.D also known as Disassociate identity disorder also known as multiple personality disorder, Good Luck to you my friend please stay in therapy it’s the best thing to bring you victory and a whole life as 1 Gentle hugs PS you can email me from my profile page if you wish to talk I will do whatever I can to help you as I do understand and know alot about it.

  4. mags628 says:

    Oh, my.. borderline has nothing to do with multiple personalities. There are so many unusual answers on yahoo. If you go looking for support groups, you will find a multitude online for people who “deal” with someone else with BPD, but few for people who have BPD themselves. There is one really good chat room ( I know cause I’m in it). If you go to the Mending Minds forum http://angel009.proboards89.com/index.cgi?
    it will give you link to the chat room. Good luck- BPD is not like a death sentence- it’s treatable and none of us are the monsters some yahoo answerers make us out to be.

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