Parkinson’s disease information speech

Disease Information

Parkinson’s disease information speech

School project 3/3/13.
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Question by pinkfostoria: What is the disease called when someone is a complete pack rat, never cleans, and always buys things?
The house is a complete wreck, and only gets worse. They never want anyone to come inside, and purchases are in triplicate from home shopping networks, and consistant shopping trips to the mall. They don’t use what they buy, and don’t take it out of the box most of the time. It all stacks up around the house, and they never throw out newspapers or magazines, saying there is an article in them that they want to read sometime. Does anyone have any information on this? And is there a cure other than counseling which has not done a bit of good?

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Answer by bullwinkle
Get a book called “Driven to Distraction” by Dr Edward Hallowell, through your local library. If, when you read it, it sounds as though it was written about your life, you have ADD. If you are a student, get a book called “Reading Outside the Lines.” Good luck.

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The writer in him
disease information
I always look forward to Albert's column because it is written in such a candid and down-to-earth manner. He wrote primarily about cancer, giving useful information about the disease and the many issues that are part of the journey for both the patient …
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