NZXT Phantom Full Tower ATX Enthusiast Case Review

Computer Tips For Kid

NZXT Phantom Full Tower ATX Enthusiast Case Review

Click here for the full review and pricing on the NZXT Phantom. Please RATE my video! Cheers!
computer tips for kid Video Rating: 4 / 5

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computer tips for kid Best answer:

Answer by EchosOfAngels
Give the beer up.
Eat better and get more active.

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computer tips for kid
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24 Responses to “NZXT Phantom Full Tower ATX Enthusiast Case Review”

  1. siavash1984 says:

    you fail to explain the water cooling options and spots for internal radiator

  2. Daniel Bakkan says:

    looks like some aliens have made it hahah :D i’m going to buy it!

  3. P3ntakiller says:

    as long as you have good cable management your good

  4. Mangrovel says:

    im guessing its good?

  5. P3ntakiller says:

    it has 7 fans……

  6. Mangrovel says:

    Can this case keep a gtx 680 cool if i installed all the possible fans it can hold? Im not to fond of water cooling (simply because i have no idea how)

  7. Michael Mudgett says:


  8. simen gulbrandsen says:

    -__- watch the whole movie b4 commenting.. and it is supporting 2,5inch you moron

  9. jake sagd says:

    haha you’re right,14 year old and doesnt know what reset does,at that age i was breaking and fixing my computers

  10. chachimautone says:

    i hear that the fan adjustment LED’S can burnout can they be replaced

  11. magnummad says:

    This case would be nice with blue light

  12. coper210 says:

    awesome video :D I just ordered this case and I am going to be installing a front 140mm fan and I was wondering, should I put a fan filter on it?

  13. kenny Ridgway says:


  14. eddoubledeezy says:

    you should’nt be allowed to use a computer.

  15. whitefox60 says:

    personally i like the 410 better than the full tower, more usb ports and its still pretty big but not too big

  16. Universedarkghosts says:

    best question of the century have you tried doing that??? it restarts the computer -_-”

  17. WoherWin says:

    No front intake fan eyy? open the front and look again

  18. dcshoeman2k4 says:

    This kid sounds like Vince from Shamwow.

  19. VenomousJok3r says:

    Awesome review. Definitely know what case I’m getting!

  20. TheJ666C says:


  21. Max Tweddell says:

    Can You replace the fan controller with one of your own?

  22. ja osmanli says:

    it comes u fucking stupid mathafucking bitch learn to watch video fucker

  23. funky1able says:

    do u have to buy the fan or come with it

  24. vidman1998 says:

    Dose the reset button delete all the parts inside the computer?

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