Minecraft – The Walls – Suicidal Lemmings

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Minecraft – The Walls – Suicidal Lemmings

Basically, our team is awesome. Thanks for every Like and Favorite! This is Episode 669. I’m ZackScott! Subscribe if you have not! New videos every day! youtube.com BUY ZACKSCOTT SHIRTS: zackscott.spreadshirt.com SUBMIT LOL REPLAYS j.mp SCOTTLAND WEBSITES scottlandminecraft.com http map.scottl…
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Question by bbby: i have a very serious question?
i’ve been bulimic for a little over two years now, and last night i realized it ‘s time for me to stop. but i want to do it on my own, and without anyone ever knowing. i’ve overcame this much on my own so far, why not get better on my own as well! i need a little help on this one though…. what is the best thing to do for myself? how do i break this horrible habbit, and what can i do to get healthy again without gaining weight?! all answers appreciated, thanks!

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Answer by Patrick M
Just know that it is bad. Like stabbing yourself in the eye. How do you keep from stabbing yourself in the eye every day?

Numbers on a scale don’t mean anything. Remember that. Exercise is good for you, too.

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Flex 3 Cookbook: Code-Recipes, Tips, and Tricks for RIA Developers (Adobe Developer Library)

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Flex 3 Cookbook: Code-Recipes, Tips, and Tricks for RIA Developers (Adobe Developer Library)

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Flex 3 Cookbook: Code-Recipes, Tips, and Tricks for RIA Developers (Adobe Developer Library)

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10 Smart Tips for Buying an HDTV
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24 Responses to “Minecraft – The Walls – Suicidal Lemmings”

  1. swatonbomb30 says:

    what happen to the i havent watch zack in a long time

  2. austin galloway says:

    THE WALLS ARE BEST , keep doing it zack, dont listen to what others are saying , just do you what you love.

  3. Quinnking4 says:

    i just noticed something tazman is hularious hilarious

  4. apard7 says:

    what is it?

  5. Jeff Jones says:

    @duckgnh Yup this site is just giving out 100% free White Apple iPad 2′s for today only. You have to be from the U.S though but it is legit, I claimed my one just before. Better hurry up! bit.ly/TcfGgA?=fdroo

  6. gingerHOLYMAN says:

    Finally, after a long search for Ginja brethren has come to an end!

  7. Ctso1112 says:

    Zack can u go back to doing normally scheduled Scotland and other not everyday other server playing, I liked the skits and stuff u did and the build show offs and stuff, now I never said stop playing he walls I just said don’t record it as much as your doing now like 5 times a week. Please I’m getting bored of this, I usually watch your videos everyday but when it’s the walls I just skip. I’m just pleading so don’t get pissed off at me anyone.

  8. jays3607 says:

    i don,t see anything?please stop getting mad at me,i wasn,t trying to hurt anybody alright.

  9. Jared Flores says:

    YaY!! Zack didn’t die this time

  10. Bartol Gašpar says:


  11. TheRampagebunny says:

    I found out the sever ip XD so sneaky

  12. SpicyTaco714 says:

    Check your channel moron. -_-

  13. jasonecto1 says:

    Omg I talked to a guynamedmark with Geof aka the great google moogle

  14. trap master says:

    Interesting fact lemmings do not actually jump of cliffs

  15. Zackary Goodeau says:

    Lawl or lol …… walmart or grocery store u pick

  16. iyankeefan says:

    what team do u play on zack

  17. roberts20011 says:

    Get the old group back too :/ these are B0&/ng

  18. roberts20011 says:


  19. WaWijDoen says:


  20. jays3607 says:

    how i,m i spamming?

  21. janesisco says:

    You should actually do live-streams Zack

  22. 17ALiE says:

    didn’t episode 3 come out a really long time ago?

  23. HANKaccount says:

    Wow I like the old group better… Wheres Adam,Mac, HeartBen, and Brett?!
    These guys are assholes

  24. DontCareK says:

    Sorry Zack but the walls is getting really boring now

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