Masturbation is an activity of stimulation of genital organs to get sexual satisfaction or orgasm. Masturbation is usually done by touching, rubbing or massaging the penis or clitoris to orgasm. Some women use the tool as a means of masturbation, such as vibrators.

Who likes to masturbate?
Almost everyone has masturbated. Masturbation is a normal activity in those who have been married. According to one study, 95% of men and 89% of women had masturbated during her life. Masturbation is the first experience for everyone in terms of sexual activity. In childhood, masturbation is part of the normal developmental process of the child to explore her body.

Why do people masturbate?
Besides fun, masturbation is the best way to release sexual tension that appears every time, especially for those who are still single or spouse is unable to perform sexual activities. Masturbation is a safe sexual activity for those who do not wish to become pregnant or a sexually transmitted disease. For men who want to perform fertility examinations, masturbation is a way to release sperm cells.

Is masturbation normal?
As long as there are no other mental disorders, masturbation activity is something normal.
Masturbation becomes abnormal while the activity is disturbing the harmony of the marital relationship or performed in public.

Is masturbation harmful?
In general, the medical community considers masturbation is a natural sexual expression that is not dangerous for men and women. It’s just that there are religious views in society which forbids masturbation so as to provide a feeling guilty for the perpetrators.

Some experts assume masturbation can be a means to improve sexual health and marital relationship. By exploring your body through masturbation can find out your sensitive regions.

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