information on Huntingtons disease?

Huntington Disease Information

Question by ataradam: information on Huntingtons disease?
What pathogen cause the disease, How does the immune system respond, How long is the sick time/recovery time
please if you can get me straight forward answers and refrences
adeline why the big words lmao uchh

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Answer by 50312
recovery time? thought HD was permanent with no cure..

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PREDICT-HD Ambassadors: BJ on why he participates in Huntington disease research

In this installment of PREDICT-HD Ambassadors, PREDICT-HD participant BJ explains why he participates in PREDICT-HD and talks about how his first research visit was. He also clears up some misconceptions about participating in HD research and has some thoughts about why participating in HD research might be the right way for some people to get involved in the fight against HD. PREDICT-HD Ambassadors are real study participants who are helping to get the word out about the study by explaining why they participate and talking about their experiences with the study. PREDICT-HD is an observational study of the earliest signs of HD. Volunteer recruitment of individuals who have tested gene positive for HD and have not been diagnosed with HD is ongoing. For more information, please visit our study website,, or email
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2 Responses to “information on Huntingtons disease?”

  1. l0v3ly_l3ah says:

    Huntingtons is a genetic disorder. If I remember correctly, a child with an effected parent has a 50% chance of inheriting Huntington’s. I don’t know that the immune system responds to these kinds of conditions. And for sick/recovery time…. its more like the amount of time before the condition makes itself known. As of right now, there is no known cure.

  2. adeline_cosine says:

    Huntington’s disease is caused by a genetic mutation, not a pathogen. The symptoms of dementia and chorea usually appear after the age of 40. There is no cure, no recovery time, and no evidence that the immune system is involved. There are several web links to this disorder, because it is rare that a dominant allele causing such debilitation can be inherited. Why? Because of the late age of onset — affected people have already had children, each with a 50% chance of inheriting the disorder.

    EDIT: Huntington’s disorder is an unusual genetic disorder because it is fatal, and if either parent has the bad gene, the risk of their child developing the disorder is 50%. Bad odds. Usually, both mom and dad have to have a bad gene for their kids to inherit a disorder, which is pretty rare (cerebral palsy).

    The reason such a fatal disorder is passed on through generations is that parents with the bad gene have children before they know they have the bad gene, because the symptoms don’t show up until after age 40 in general.

    (An allele is a variation of a gene — like a parent can have two alleles for eye color: brown or blue.).

    Is this better? I’m used to teaching college students, so apologize for the big words.

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