Impressionist Oil Painting with Photoshop CS5 (Part 1)

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Impressionist Oil Painting with Photoshop CS5 (Part 1) (Part 1 of 2) Download to paint like Van Gogh with this fast and free new Adobe Plugin for Photoshop CS5… The Pixel Bender Plug-in filters work on images opened in Adobe Photoshop CS5. These filters can be executed on the graphics card (GPU) or CPU of a computer. This tutorial covers some tips and techniques for working with this new Plug-in technology. You can download the free Adobe Pixel Bender plug-in here: Pixel Bender Painting Basics Tutorial
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Question by Mike: I need to gain weight. Any Tips?
I weight in at 165 lbs and i wanna get to about 170-175 in a short time. I lift but i dont want to take supliments because i dont like them. any tips? besides “go on a weight gain diet”?
I dont wanna get diabetes or something liek that, soo. i dont want to eat nothing but fatty/sugury foods. will loading on carbs work? safely? lol
yes i lift.

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Answer by pathfinder
Start shoveling food into your mouth. Eat 4-5 times a day.Within a week, I assure you, you will gain at least 5-10 easily.

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14 Responses to “Impressionist Oil Painting with Photoshop CS5 (Part 1)”

  1. Cathy Nora says:

    looking for WORKING adobe photoshop crack? i just saw one here

  2. RazlArts says:

    i cant get it im on windows & when i open it it says.. This Extension can not be installed, it requires 32bit photoshop version in range of inclusivley between 12.0 and 12.0 ??

  3. William Scott says:

    what for was the pixel bender plugin for? xD

  4. Natalia viana pinto says:

    GreatTutorial!! I learned a lot !! Tks :) )

  5. Bull1the1Great says:

    yeah , me too , I can’t use this pixel bender since my PC sucks … sad times …

  6. scarletohara2008 says:

    Russel your the best. I need more GPU

  7. culturedwoman says:

    Good soup to nuts tutorial, from install to use of the pixel bender filter to do oil paint

  8. Eshtylish Shobi says:

    how it works um confused how to add plug in

  9. UltraSoftwareReviews says:


  10. AIBin0 says:

    That’s no impressionism. It’s expressionism!

  11. Afsana Rubayat says:

    thank you its really works so nice…

  12. TheMyameeGirl says:

    It did that to me too. I’m sure you resolved the issue, but if not, just go into CS5 Extension Manager, right click and run as administrator. That worked for me. ;0)

  13. 1ceECo1d says:

    Thanks it worked!!!

  14. 1ceECo1d says:

    when i try to download the plugin it says i do not have permision from the administrator.. but i am the adminstator so idk why it says that..? can u help?

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