If i give to Breast Cancer Charity where does the money go?

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Question by ChrisS: If i give to Breast Cancer Charity where does the money go?
If the Breast Cancer gene is patented and owned by a company, (which it is). Then if i give money to something like Susan G. Komen Foundation, what is my money actually funding? Since this company DOESNT allow any cures or real treament to be developed, what is my money funding?

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Answer by Tarkarri
This varies depending on the country you live in and the charity you choose to support.

The BRAC gene is patented in USA, not elsewhere.

Less than 10% of breast cancers are due to this gene anyway.

Research is still needed on the other 90% of breast cancers.

In other countries treatments for BRAC can still be undertaken.

Money also goes into awareness campaigns, educational literature, free or subsidised mammograms, specially trained nurses, support services for patients and their families etc.

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3 Responses to “If i give to Breast Cancer Charity where does the money go?”

  1. Third Place Red Sox -CHOKE says:

    Im glad people are finally asking this question before giving money so blindly. Here are some Facts:

    Breast cancer is the 5TH leading disease among women. Less then 1% of men get breast cancer and children are not affected by it.

    Komen is a $ 5.5 billion dollar industry that has collected money year after year and has not shown ONE sign of progress towards a cure.

    only 19% of your money donated goes to research to find a cure for breast cancer

    Komen CEO’s make a salary of $ 500,000+ bonuses a year

    Komen also spends a portion of your proceeds to retain lawyers to sue other charities who use terms such as ‘the cure’ in their charitable campaigns.

    Komen also makes money by selling your information to various marketing groups

    Komen does spend a majority of its money on marketing which they so call ‘awareness’

    I will not, and do not donate to this chairity. The komen CEO’s enjoy their half a million dollar a year salary so why would they be focused on a cure. If you want to donate, donate to the Jimmy V fund where 100% of proceeds go to research.

  2. misscacazzy says:

    donate money to British cancer charity it gets used wisely here

  3. Rajinder says:

    There are lots of common diseases which do not have any cure till date inspite of progress made by science. I am getting success with most of the common diseases with the following.

    Give up water and all other liquids for 24 hours. To avoid dehydration keep indoors. In case of cancer repeat this after every 48 hours.
    On other days drink 1 glass of water 1 hour before each meal. The total water intake on these days should not be more than 3 glasses.

    There are 3 main or rather only common symptoms of cancer -
    1) The cells are not able to produce 38 units of energy that is done in case of normal cells.
    2) The stomach acid is very low.
    3) Tumours or general swelling.

    The reason and logic for the above in short is as under –
    The cells of the human body are at the lowest level which produce energy. To produce energy cells burn glucose in presence of oxygen.
    When there is more water in the cell then the energy producing capacity of the cell is significantly reduced. Reduced energy by the cells cause build up of water outside the cells as well.
    Continued less burning of glucose also causes accumulation of other minerals in the cell. That causes the cells to swell up.
    This does not happen overnight.
    There are various checks in the body to avoid build up of water in the cells. Like whenever there is change in atmosphere temperature the body adjusts the amount of water that cells carry. When this adjustments fails due to some reason the body tries various modes to get rid of the excess water – sinus, cold and cough, adrelin levels, water reduction thru increased urine etc.
    There are certain other complications that happen due to build up of excess water in the cells. One is build up of bacteria and infections in the body.
    These bacteria or infections cause the increase in the body temperature. The increased temperature takes care of the situation.

    What is the reason for cancer. Same. There are tumours in all kind of cancers. The tumours are caused due to cells not dieing. The reason for cells not dieing is cells not producing enough energy and that prolongs their life cycle.
    What is the cure for cancer. The cure for cancer and all other common ailments is same. I found that sinus, cold, cough, IBS, skin blood clots, slip disk, dry skin, IBS, mouth ulcers, renal failure etc can be cured effectively by giving up water and all other liquids for 24 hours to 48 hours. This has been tested on more than 50 persons so far. Thru Yahoo Answers this same been tested on more than 100 people but I do not have conclusive proof of this. The cerainity with which relief is produced in 24 hours gives enough hope for cancer cure in 15 days.

    Now what happens when there is excess water in the cells. That causes build up of excess water outside the cells. That causes pain in the entire body due to constant excess weight on the cells. That also causes the infections to build up. The antibodies causes the increase in body temperature.

    After treatment of cancer patients with chemo etc they are asked to avoid getting in touch people with cold and cough. The chances of such people catching infection is more.

    By giving up water what happens in the body. The blood acids go up by 10% in 24 hours due to reduction in water content by 5% of body weight. That produces enough heat in the body. That causes the infections not to grow, water to come down, there will be more energy production. Increase in body temperature is enough indiction of antibodies becoming more effective. Google on fever and treatment.

    One can try to find a cat or dog with cancer and try the above on them for 15 days and see them go cancer free in 15 days.

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