i have pcos and feel like the only way to not be overweight is to barely eat- anyone else feel fed up?

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Question by michelle: i have pcos and feel like the only way to not be overweight is to barely eat- anyone else feel fed up?
I am so sick of pcos and all the symptoms- acne, being overweight, hair loss, etc. I used to be slim but I would not eat anything but lettuce all day and was very unhealthy. I now have a well balanced diet and can’t seem to stay below 170 and am 5’5″. I guess I am venting but does anyone else feel this way or have any good tips for weight loss besides just diet and exercise? I already am strict about both.

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Answer by Cristina Conrad
hi i feel the exact same way im 145 and feel judged i think you should LOVE YOUR BODY and if you want to lose a couple of pounds then just excersize :)

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balanced diet tips
'Often small changes can make a huge difference to how healthy we feel – making sure you get enough sleep, eating a balanced diet, taking exercise. Cutting down on alcohol can reduce illness and increase energy levels, but sometimes only medical …
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4 Responses to “i have pcos and feel like the only way to not be overweight is to barely eat- anyone else feel fed up?”

  1. PattyC says:

    Try eating a little less each time at every meal. You won’t be dieting, just getting use to smaller portions. Snack on veggies and nuts (just a few of nuts). I drink Crystal Lite to fill up or or lots and lots of water.

    You could talk to your DR. about this issue.

    Good luck.

  2. Ardee Aye says:

    Sleep can have an effect on your weight. If your body is stressed from lack of sleep — or from sleeping too much — it can push the balance. I know you said you’re eating a well-balanced diet, but I wonder, are you making sure that you have a lot of fruit? Fruit is nature’s magic, IMO. Also, make sure you eat a good breakfast. Breakfast keeps your body healthy.

    Also, caffeine can contribute to problems with weight. I don’t know if you drink a lot of soda, but that’s something most people don’t think of…

    But really, you have a condition that creates a major blockade in healthy weight. If you’re doing all you can, just keep it up. Maybe the effects of your diet and exercise are just delayed. That does happen. It’s alright to feel upset about it, you’re completely entitled to feeling that way! Just know that there’s only so much you can do. :)

  3. landi_lou says:

    PCOS is an endocrine disorder which affects hormones and most people with PCOS will have weight problems.

    Not sure if you’ve tried this but low carb diets work really well for most people with PCOS since it is related to diabetes. Infact if you wiki “Low carb diet” it will actually mention that they are useful for treating PCOS.

    Eat lots of chicken, fish, turkey etc. and lots of veggies and fruits. And eat alot of smaller meals throughout the day. Snack on fruits regularly between meals and as a night-time snack. Most fruits contain alot of water which will keep you hydrated and feeling more full so you eat less at a sit down meal like a dinner if you’ve had a peach and some grapes two hours before.

    The SoulCysters website has alot of great info for understanding PCOS and it’s symptoms as well as excellent weight loss and diet suggestions. It’s also a great forum for voicing frustrations to those who understand what you’re going through who can offer helpful suggestions or just lend a sympathetic ear.


    ADD: Avoid soy at all costs! It’s been shown to inhibit thyroid function which makes it very hard to lose weight. It also contains phytoestrogens which have shown to increase the follicular phase/delay menstruation in normal ovulating women, which is already a problem for women diagnosed with PCOS.

  4. Christina Moore says:

    I’ve had the same struggles. It’s almost like I gain weight just thinking about eating healthy or exercising. I have been able to begin noticing a difference over the past month when I began running every evening and also using the “subtract 100″ healthy weight plan from bettermedicine.com . It’s really simple and does not require making serious changes. I’ve just been cutting out my second cup of coffee as my 100 calories each morning. Diets are too stressful and frustrating for me! Best of luck!

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