i feel a lot of depression and anxiety?

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Question by minime: i feel a lot of depression and anxiety?
i have 2 sons 3 1/2 yr old and younger 9 months.since the birth of the younger son i feel very depressed and have a lot of anxiety.Both of them have allergic cough and cold and in winters both of them suffered a lot which gave me sleepless nights.now the condition is even when they are fine i feel there is something wrong and it gives me a lot of tension and i have sleepless nights.day time goes very exhausted and as a result i cant take care of myself and kids .what to do plz advice me.

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Answer by Oracle
Try Yoga or Pilates, it relaxes immensely. It’ll enable you to think quickly and calmly in stressful situations. Gotta look after yourself before you can look after others ;)

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4 Responses to “i feel a lot of depression and anxiety?”

  1. Musician says:

    Could it be that there is something in your home causing the allergy / ( dampness / dust mites etc: ) or even the washing powder you use.
    I would consult your doctor and ask for tests.
    Your anxiety and depression is understandable when your children in continuing poor health , you have had no chance to recover.
    You really do need advice and possibly help with the children to give a little respite.

    God Bless and good Luck

  2. RWPossum says:

    I’m wondering if you’re depressed as a result of your fear or if your fear is a result of your depression. One of the symptoms of depression is to get hung up with some negative thought, just keep coming back to it over and over.

    In any case, it’s clear that Job 1 is dealing with depression. You yourself say that you’re not coping. There’s no one size fits all treatment for depression, but it seems pretty clear that you’ll have to get professional help. If you have trouble getting help, look into different possibilities. You can call the United Way at 211 for example and google “affordable psychotherapy.” Although I’m not saying that this is the best thing for you, mild to moderate depression responds to self help.

    This website has good information on depression, and also good information on stress and anxiety.


    With the depression out of the way, this may be a stress reduction problem. The Internet has
    simple, useful things like taking 5 or 10 minutes to close your eyes, imagine a warm, sandy beach, and breathe slowly and deeply. Gently fill your lungs, hold it for a second, and let it out twice as slowly. Another simple method is Progressive Muscle Relaxation (see PMR in Wikipedia).

  3. Amin K says:

    There is a syndrome which is called “postpartum depression” which could have been at a very low state, but since you were stressed by the situation of both of your children being ill this past year it could have exacerbated the state that you were experiencing.

    Make an appointment with your doctor and, if necessary, ask him to refer you over to a mental health specialist.

    That professional will be able to help you overcome the depression that you are suffering from right now.

    Please be open minded enough to accept the fact that you will benefit from the treatment that this person will provide.

    Please do not wait until it becomes so intense that it will take longer to treat and eliminate it from your life.

  4. gardensallday says:

    I’ll give you my standard advice below. I suggest you avoid the doctor or a psychiatrist because all that they will do is give you pills, and these antidepressants don’t work as well as the general public thinks, for complex reasons that I summarized to an extreme degree. Google sleep hygiene for help with that, and I have a few tips for that below, also.
    Try therapy & self-help. Antidepressants are no better than placebo in most patients (google Kirsch antidepressants and Ioannidis antidepressants – both mainstream researchers). 60 Minutes recently did a story on Irving Kirsch and the antidepressant controversy . Antidepressants usually cause sexual dysfunction, so most won’t stay on them long term, but then some people get severe withdrawal symptoms.
    Generic Practical Depression tips (PRINT THEM OUT):

    The library has self-help books on depression.

    Many meds cause or worsen depression, including birth control, blood pressure, pain, acne, antipsychotic, anxiety (benzos) or sleeping medications, alcohol, illicit drugs and MANY others.

    Hypothyroidism mimics depression . Too little sleep, or sleep disorders like sleep apnea, or interrupted sleep (crying baby, barking dog) can cause depression.

    If depression is worse in winter, use a light box (10,000 Lux (light intensity) at about 20” – about $ 300 online, you don’t need full spectrum, Sunray is a good brand). I have extra windows, painted the walls peach & yellow & have a skylight. There’s a link to a cheaper lightbox & more info at psycheducation.org. Also you can try 1000 to 2000 IU of Vitamin D in winter. It may work, or may be placebo treatment.

    Try meditation like progressive muscle relaxation or guided imagery. See The Anxiety & Phobia Workbook by Edmund Bourne. Free 15 minute guided imagery at healthjourneys.com and many free meditations at youtube.

    Go out with friends, & if you don’t have any, join a club e.g. hobby club, bowling league & MAKE yourself go. “Isolating” makes depression worse!

    Exercise 1/2 hour a day, & anytime you feel depressed or anxious. LOTS OF RESEARCH SUPPORTS THIS as the most effective depression treatment of all.

    Insomnia?: Go to bed & get up the same time each day, even weekends. Don’t use your bedroom to watch TV, read or use the computer. Don’t do stuff that revs you up before bed, like exercising & using the computer. Light from computer screens & TV wakes you up. Blue light is the worst offender – dim the lights and use an old-fashioned incandescent bulb the last hour. Make the bedroom very dark, even cover up the clock. Mask disturbing sounds with a fan or try soundsleeping.com or youtube, etc. Avoid caffeine after noon.

    Put colorful, happy things around the house. Do nice things for yourself. Make a list of things that make you happy, like: bread fresh from the oven, the crisp sound of a saltine cracker breaking, fresh sheets on the bed, touching frost on the windowpane, etc. Read that list when you are down. Use comforting scents. I like vanilla & cloves.

    Work on time management if you are overwhelmed. Cut back on other responsibilities so you can spend more time with friends & family. Ask for help with chores.

    Spend more time with your pet, if you have one.

    DON’T listen to sad music! Listen to upbeat stuff- same with movies & novels.

    DISTRACT yourself. Read a novel, watch a comedy, go out with friends, play cards or a video game, whatever keeps your mind busy.

    Volunteer. Helping others makes you feel better about yourself & you make a difference, too. If you are religious, your religion may help keep you involved in the community.

    Put a half-smile on your face. Changing your expression is proven to help change mood.

    Try free computerized cognitive behavioral therapy at moodgym.anu.edu.au. Also, if you have an abuse history, it is likely to be a major cause of your depression.

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