How Many CPU Cores is Enough for Gaming NCIX Tech Tips

Computer Tips For Kid

How Many CPU Cores is Enough for Gaming NCIX Tech Tips

Today on NCIX Tech Tips Linus shows how a GTX 670 performs on a variety of different CPUs in some popular modern games. He simulates single core, dual core, …
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Answer by Francisco
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24 Responses to “How Many CPU Cores is Enough for Gaming NCIX Tech Tips”

  1. 313DJMASTER says:

    don’t do that, a 8400GS can barely play gta 4 and cannot play bf3 proper on even 800×600 on lowest

  2. Rukhage says:

    I know you can, but its only one concentrated marketplace, therefore they have a monopoly on the price. Whilst on the internet on a PC there are more offers.

  3. huhhman says:

    So according to your logic people that play Battlefield 3 on PC are just about graphics and the people that play it on console are about the game play experience. You don’t need a $2k PC to blow current gen consoles out of the water, $600 does that. On top of it you get a PC that does much more than any console on the market would ever do. Words can’t even describe how moronic your views are….

  4. eliterecon3232 says:

    i dont know if to get an i buypower chimera or alienware aurora

  5. XdarkmutantX says:

    dual core is enough if you use razor gamebooster

  6. Booze Banner says:

    are you looking at origin prices ? EA makes ridiculously high prices (but they occasionally do a sale as good as steam)
    and if you look at steam almost every game gets 25-50% off when it hosts a sale like summer sale, christmas sale, halloween sale and more. beat that shit

  7. Booze Banner says:

    you can buy games online with xbox (idk with ps3)

  8. Rukhage says:

    Not really, since PC games are readiliy available for digital download, it drops their prices down consideradibly, especially when you consider the amount of platforms and websites that offer these services: Steam and Origin are the two biggest names; but you also have Direct2Disk, DigitalDownload and other services.

  9. InsideOrionsBelt says:

    “PC gamers are just about graphics”

  10. Ralph Jenkins says:

    PC has its own genres of games that don’t exist on console (for example RTS’s and MOBA’s). It’s not just about “value vs power”. I’d hate if consoles were the only type of gaming device, then I wouldn’t be able to play Company of Heroes or Civilization.

    You don’t really need a super powerful PC to enjoy games like Torchlight 2 or DOTA 2 either.

    Also Star Citizen is coming next year, PC only. That’s a genre that’s been dead for a long time, and it’s making a glorious comeback finally.

  11. Ralph Jenkins says:

    DON’T do it… That 8400 GS is actually slower than the GPU’s in the 360 and PS3. Wii U’s GPU is faster than the 360/PS3 GPU’s.

    You wouldn’t be able to play all the latest games very well at all.

  12. DCAMM720 says:

    Do it. Wii U sucks. 

  13. huhhman says:

    Only someone that hasn’t played a DX11 game at 2,560×1,440-pixel would say this. You must be poor…..feel sorry for you.

  14. huhhman says:

    That’s because Crysis 3 on xbox 360 is DX9 and the PC version is only DX11. The xbox 360 is 8 years old, and if they allowed for DX9 cards I could easily build a PC that would run Crysis 3 at the same quality as the Xbox 360. Know it all’s like you are a good laugh, especially when they pretend to know it all.

  15. rustypro98 says:

    Don’t knock consoles short of anything, i have always owned a gaming pc along side consoles. Pc’s are great, but consoles even when playing the sames games that u have on a pc gives u a diff. feeling and experience.

  16. rustypro98 says:

    makes no sense. pc games $60 console games $60 yep big diff.

  17. InsideOrionsBelt says:

    It can run Crysis 3. Can a $300 PC do that? ($300 being the cost of the Xbox) Or even a $600 PC? Yeah no one here even knows what their talking about. I even said that if you get a PC more then $1500, you wont be sorry. But fanboys just can’t get over the fact that, when it comes to gaming, the Xbox is just as good but $1000 cheaper. Anyway, done with the flamers on here now, you were fun to jack with.

  18. rustypro98 says:

    ripping u off bro.

  19. InsideOrionsBelt says:

    Duh, but by the sound of it, you don’t.

  20. huhhman says:

    Do you even know what a bottleneck is? lol

  21. huhhman says:

    If you match the xbox 360 in terms of graphics, then yes a $400 PC is quite feasible. The xbox 360 isn’t exactly a powerhouse and is like 8 years old.

  22. GeneralG1810 says:

    True but you can exchange console games when buying a new one. Im a PC gamer but I do see where consoles have their place. Also there are SOME games better on console, like Tiger Woods and Assassins creed

  23. GeneralG1810 says:

    True but lets face it, you want a fancy case and something that’s going to last for a few years. Who knows what game developers will come out with next, it doesn’t hurt to spend a bit more than what will run TODAYS games. I spent a fair bit on my new tower and it will see me through for years to come, then I’ll do it again

  24. ChromeStryder says:

    LOL You can run Crysis 3 on ultra 60fps, for around 650-750.

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