Healthy Living: 5 Stupid Diet Tips

Healthy Living Tips

Healthy Living: 5 Stupid Diet Tips

Lisa Johnson from takes the time to show just how ridiculous some healthy living tips can be. From eating with chopsticks, to chewing your food 100 times, it can all just get a little bit silly.
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Question by Nicole: What are some good tips for getting in shape?
I’m a 15 year old girl.I am 5 feet 3 inches tall and I weigh 116 pounds. I’m not exactly in shape, but I want to be. What are some tips on how to live healthier? Some good exercise ideas? Healthy snacks I could eat? Anything is helpful.

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Answer by Ryan

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(12×12) A Year of Healthy Living – 2013 Calendar

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(12x12) A Year of Healthy Living - 2013 Calendar

healthy living tips

(12×12) A Year of Healthy Living – 2013 Calendar

(12×12) A Year of Healthy Living – 2013 Calendar

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7 Responses to “Healthy Living: 5 Stupid Diet Tips”

  1. LisaJohnsonFitness says:

    heh Guardemdog, yes the most important thing by far is what you’re eating, not how you get it to your mouth. :)

  2. guardemdog says:

    Can you pick up as much corn kernels with chopsticks as you can a spoon or fork, or how about rice or mashed potatoes? If you are not using chopsticks as a shovel, you will take more time to eat. But it’s still going to be more about whats on your plate, and how much you put there to begin with.

  3. EveOrganicsBeauty says:

    Cutest video!!  Love it Lisa

  4. LisaJohnsonFitness says:

    Glad you liked it. :-)

  5. LisaJohnsonFitness says:

    Thanks Kat :-)

  6. LisaJohnsonFitness says:

    LOL, Anye, well said … as for the food, there was some left in my mouth, but not much, I had to speed it up 400% :-)

  7. anye76 says:

    Chopsticks would not work for me I’ve never been able to master them, my food ends up on my lap. Chew 100 times is there anything even left in your mouth after that many chews? All natural yep so is doggie poop ain’t eating that plus it’s organic still a no go, eat the rainbow yeah where’s the skittles, never heard the stand up method. Great silly tips the things we do…

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