Going to the hospital?

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Question by I love you: Going to the hospital?
The last two days I have stayed home from school because I have felt really dizzy and like I am going to throw up. I have been having really bad depression lately, and i mean its really bad. I keep crying and worrying about school and family, I just want it to end. I keep breaking out and crying out for no reason. I think I am having an anxiety attack right now. Should I go to the hospital, or what should I do?
I can’t stop worrying and crying.
I am so scared of seeing the doctor though. I just really want to feel better.

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Answer by LeeA
Yes, you need a Dr. to check you. Tell them just what you said here, and any other things that are bothering you.

Just go get help.

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2 Responses to “Going to the hospital?”

  1. mz bozzy says:

    is there any possibility you are pregnant? and if not honey i have to tell you life is to short to feel this way and someone or something has you feeling like this, you need to talk to someone about these things because you cant feel like that there is too much to life, look for the good things in life and not the negative you are alive you are healthy and can shake any of this, life is way to short you will look back on this as a steppinfg stone point in your life that makes you feel like a better person im here if you ever need to talk

  2. gardensallday says:

    are you a kid, or an adult?

    If you are a teen, make sure you talk to your parent(s) right now. They probably know that you are having a real bad time right now.

    If an adult, you need to be seen by a psychiatrist, not a GP. You may need a referral however, depending on insurance (plus the doc may know who is good for someone like you). Make an appointment ASAP.

    You normally wouldn’t go to the hospital unless you are suicidal, thinking about it all the time, and having trouble controlling your behavior or actually have a plan. Otherwise, they expect you to make an appointment for outpatient.

    There should be a crisis line you can call that is in the yellow pages. They may also have a mobile crisis unit they can send to your home. Some nice lady or man sits with you for a couple hours and is supportive & a good listener. If they think you need to go inpatient, they will help arrange that for you. They see people much worse off than you too, so don’t think they will see you as a bad person or something. And inpatient is just fine – most people are at the same place as you are (or a bit worse) but are totally normal. You go talk to the doc, see a counselor, go to groups & sit in the lounge and play cards or board games or just talk or watch TV. You wear your own clothes.

    Here are my depression & anxiety tips. If you are in a place you can try any of these, they may help.

    If your depression seems to be more of a problem in the winter, try to get more sun. You could have seasonal affective disorder, or SAD, or your depression could have a seasonal component, meaning you can get depressed other times of the year, but you tend to have more trouble in the winter. A light box is really good if you can afford one (about $ 300 online, don’t get it at a local store, they will charge more for a light less than 1/2 as bright). Since I will always have a mood disorder, I have put in extra windows, keep the drapes mounted so they don’t cover them, make sure I spend a lot of time in southern exposure rooms, painted the walls peach and yellow, mostly. I even have a skylight, although that was here when I moved in (and I LOVE it, it helps a lot!!!!!)

    Try turning the heat up in the house or dressing much more warmly. It is hard to feel anxiety when you are too warm. I was able to cut out ativan use altogether by using this trick. Saved me big $ $ too, because pills cost way more than heat. Hot baths work too, and in a pinch, like at work/school, you can try running hot water over your hands.

    Avoid caffeine like the plague. Also, some cold remedies can cause anxiety. Look for the “agitation in children” warning on the box. Adults can get problems too.

    Try meditation tapes like progressive muscle relaxation or guided imagery. They may seem silly at first, but they work!! They help reduce stress, which makes depression worse.

    Go out with friends, and if you don’t have any, find a club to join and MAKE yourself go until you actually look forward to it. Isolation makes depression worse.

    Exercise at least 1/2 hour a day, and anytime you feel really hyper or depressed. Exercise is a great mood stabilizer and cuts down on anxiety a lot.

    If your depression makes it hard for you to sleep, here are some good “sleep hygeine” tips so you can sleep better. Like go to bed and get up about the same time each day, even weekends. Don’t use your bedroom to watch TV and read and use the computer and all that-just use the room as a bedroom normally would be used. Don’t do stuff that pumps you up right before bed, like exercising and using the computer. You want to use that last hour to wind down-Take a bath ? Make the bedroom really dark, cover up the clock radio, even so the light doesn’t shine at you. If you live in the rackety city, use a noise generator (makes wave sounds and the like) to cover up the city sounds. Avoid caffeine in the afternoon and evening.

    Put a lot of colorful things around the house, happy type things, and keep the blinds open and let the sun in. Get yourself some flowers. Put on some pretty clothes. Make a list of things that make you happy. Here’s some things on my list: A basket full of fluffy kittens, bread fresh from the oven, Fireworks popping on a warm summer evening, The first fireflies of the season, the scent of Jergen’s cherry almond lotion, The crisp sound of a saltine cracker breaking, fresh sheets on the bed, etc. Use all your senses and read that list when you are breaking down
    Work on time management if being overwhelmed and late for things and too much to do is getting to you. Cut back on other responsibilities temporarily so you can spend more restorative time with friends and family.

    You got a significant other? Extra physical touch is very helpful. Most people in the US or UK are touch deprived, so hold hands more, hug more, give shoulder rubs, etc. A pet is good to cuddle with, too, if your home situation allows you to get one & take good care of it. (I’m an animal lover, don’t get one if you can’t commit to it for 15 years)

    I give these suggestions to lots of folks, and hardly anyone ever tries them.. I have really really severe psychiatric symptoms from bipolar disorder and post traumatic stress disorder, I mean, I have one of the most severe cases you can get. And I am able to control my behavior almost 100% even when I am suffering, and able to feel quite a bit better using some of these tricks, because the meds have only been minimally effective for me. If I didn’t do stuff like the above, I would be in an institution or group home for sure. So please try some of these things, there is no harm in them, and they may provide some real relief for you. Pills alone or counseling alone are not as effective as pills PLUS counseling, and you have to follow some of those suggestions the counselors give you. Suggestions like the ones above.

    All the best to you. I know you will get a lot of supportive answers on here. That’s because a lot of us have been there & care. So keep that in mind and take good care of yourself!

    Remember if you are a teen, go talk to a parent right now.

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