Facial Skin Care Using Potatoes

Facial skin care to keep looking good is hard to find a cheap but good quality with satisfactory results. But you know, if potatoes can also be used as a beauty treatment? You’ve been familiar with potatoes as a carbohydrate-rich foods, so it can be used as substitute for rice as a staple food. Potatoes can easily be treated with a variety of foods such as mesh potatoes, meatball, porridge, vegetables and complementary in other foods.

But the benefits of potatoes not only as material consumption. If you are someone who cares about beauty, you can use any potatoes in facial skin care to combat problems of beauty and skin. Also because of its affordability, potatoes can also be one solution to reduce the monthly expenditure is not it? So, what are the benefits of potatoes for the beauty of your face?

Black stain
Black stain on the facial skin is one problem that is often suffered by women. To remove it, you can try to wash your face every day with potato juice. Use 2-3 potatoes already peeled to make potatoes juice.

Disguise eye bags
Many women who spend a lot of money just to buy beauty products that claimed to disguise the eye bags, but only with a potato these concerns are resolved. Potatoes are known to have catecholase substances that can brighten the skin and disguise circles around your eyes. The trick, cut a raw potato slices and place on top of a thin layer of cheese, then save it under your eyes for 20 minutes. Do it every day to gain the maximum benefit.

Cleanser potatoes
Cleanser is one of beauty products needed by a woman to her face. If you often use a cleanser, it never hurts to make your own cleanser from natural ingredients such as potatoes, cucumbers, eggs and baking soda. To make it, grated potatoes and cucumbers without peeling the skin and then mix both of them. After that, add a teaspoon of baking soda, one egg and one-quarter cup water, then blend for about one minute in low speed. Before using a homemade cleanser, wash your face first and dry with a soft towel.

To create a mask for the face, you might start with a grate a few pieces of potato. Then rub the grated potatoes into your skin until evenly distributed. Do it carefully and give more attention to the parts of the most severe. Let this potato mask stick on your face for 30 minutes. After that, wash your face mask attached with clean water plus a little vinegar. In addition will help smooth the skin, use a facial mask every day also will bring you to an atmosphere of relaxation.

Hopefully, facial skin care tips using these potatoes can be useful for those who want to come stay beautiful but with a cheap treatment. Good luck.

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