Dr. Osborne – Statin Drugs and CoQ10 Deficiency.avi

Heart Disease Information

Dr. Osborne – Statin Drugs and CoQ10 Deficiency.avi

towncenterwellness.com Dr. Peter Osborne discusses how prescription cholesterol medication can increase your risk for heart disease…For more information visit Town Center Wellness.
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Angiography of Congenital Heart Disease

heart disease information – click on the image below for more information.

Angiography of Congenital Heart Disease

heart disease information

This authoritative volume has been designed to fill a void in available reference material on congenital heart disease. It presents an in-depth look at angiocardiographic findings in infants and children with malformed hearts.

Chapter 1 discusses the history of angiocardiography in congenital heart disease. Chapters 2 to 4 are concerned with equipment, radiologic projections, and the application of a segmental nomenclature in congenital heart disease. In Chapters 5 to 52 each common an

Angiography of Congenital Heart Disease

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Health Fair targets Buffalo Promise Neighborhood
heart disease information
… Community Charter School, 24 Westminster Ave. It will provide free health information, training programs, learning tools and free access to medical experts in the neighborhood, … “All those different disease states – diabetes, breast cancer …
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9 Responses to “Dr. Osborne – Statin Drugs and CoQ10 Deficiency.avi”

  1. TheShirlock says:

    What dose of CoQ10 should you take? I am on two statins. I have had bi-pass surgery.

  2. laidbackdoood says:

    They also make you stupid and impotent…..i wasnt on them for long! and have refused to go back on them…..My mother discovered she had high cholesterol at 70..if its so bad…it should have killed her..shes 80 now.she smoked up until then too.There is evidence that a elevated cholesterol has a protective effect against cancer after 65 as well.Once over 50 its all good.

  3. lifthra says:

    Niacine B3 has same beneficial effect as statines, but not the harmfull sideeffects

  4. mikeinbc says:

    Statin drugs should only be taken by 1 in 1000 people. Too many sheeple are on this drug. Wake up people.

  5. Brooke Davis says:

    I think if there is a Satin for high cholesterol- and that depletes the CoQ10- I take it from the best producer- Life extension-Jarrow’s- make sure its a gel and not capsule-However It is all in absorption in the colon -so–Probiotics&-keep a liver cleanse -work out everyday -eat clean -pure-raw-not cooked -Veggies-fruit-Dr Osborne is my favorite Doc-I have no health insurance

  6. Shelly B says:

    Very good information thank you Dr. O.

  7. Shelly B says:

    What did your doctor say?

  8. rkshiver says:

    Awesome info

  9. gradeset says:

    Thank you for the valuable information.I will be talking to my doc next week.

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