Dangers of Sitting Too Long

Researchers have discovered a link between sitting in a long time with a number of health problems and premature death from heart disease. Similar research conducted by the Institute for Public Health Medicine in the United States.
Heart Disease Risk
In one study, adults who spend time watching TV for four hours a day increases the risk of death from heart disease by 80% compared with adults who spend less than two hours a day in front of the TV. This risk is independent of other factors such as smoking or dietary patterns that are not balanced. Risk is not just caused by too long sitting while watching TV alone. However, too long sitting in a chair at work all day can also increase the risk to your health problems, such as obesity and a number of chronic health complications that accompany it.
When the body does not move much, then the body’s response becomes slow, resulting in interference with the metabolism of the body, including metabolism of carbohydrates and fats in the body, as well as blood circulation and oxygen.
Lots Moves
To reduce health risks is to more moves. It is suggested to stand for several minutes after sitting for a long time. By standing and doing other light physical activity, like walking, you have to burn calories three times more dibandikan when sitting. Standing causes muscle contraction occurs, contraction is triggered the process of solving critical issues related to fat and sugar. When you sit down, muscle contraction was minimal, especially if you sit in front of the TV without doing anything!
From now consider how much time you spend with sit. Make a positive activity for you to awake from the disease and the risks that threaten death due to sitting too long. And if your daily job requires you to spend lots of time to sit in a long time, then try to keep moving as often as possible and start exercising regularly!

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  1. Yeah, I use a stand up work station at work. Sitting is really no good.

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