Cooler Master Storm Trooper Full Tower Case Review

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Cooler Master Storm Trooper Full Tower Case Review

Click here for the full article review. MSRP 9 USD.
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Answer by Kylie S
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25 Responses to “Cooler Master Storm Trooper Full Tower Case Review”

  1. kepstuh says:

    is it compatable with Corsair H100i Hydro Series?!?

  2. TheNSPR says:

    Im gonna hide my weed in the box XD THANKS COOLER MASTER

  3. Lotte Verheul says:

    is there a cd en dvd drive to set in ?

  4. mattyschannel666 says:

    can this case fit a h100 in the top

  5. Allan Soh says:

    the reason why the 1st GPU slot is needed is because, although ASUS Maximus V Extreme can support up to 4 GPU but that does not mean you can use it anyway you want. There is a configuration of which slot to use depending on whether it’s a single/SLI/3 x SLI or 4xSLI. Pardon my English as its not my mother tongue :)

  6. Allan Soh says:

    I’m using this case and have a few tips to share…, This case supports H100 mounted at the top after removing the 120mm fan. You will need to take out the top filter too because it wont slide in after mounting the H100, anyway i set the fan of H100 as an exhaust so there is no need for a air filter. I’m using ASUS ROG Maximus V Xtreme and for your info the Coolermaster X9 wont fit the M/B if you are setting up a SLI because the X9 was angle in a way that you wont be able to use the 1st GPU slot

  7. Allan Soh says:

    Yes it can. I’m using this case with Maximus V Xtreme

  8. DeterzGaming says:


  9. ProVisionOman says:

    Whats you’re build? Its just matter of looks really :P

  10. ProVisionOman says:

    Should do the trick :D 

  11. ProVisionOman says:

    Nothing yet D:!

  12. JZBEAST64 says:

    which should i get this cade or the cooler master haf 932?

  13. businessmanart says:

    If your MB only has one case fan connector, does that mean you will be limited to one case fan? Thanks in advance.

  14. VaatiVidya says:

    Where is part 2?

  15. X7XCrimsonX7X says:

    I’ve already done my research dumb fuck, just asking to get more peoples opinions. And this board barely fits and is not rated to fit in this case, and also an E-ATX board is not a standard ATX board. Go do your RESEARCH before making an idiotic comment to mine.

  16. MrNowwhatido says:

    it is a atx board you dumbfuck. and this case is rated for eatx so yes. go do your research

  17. X7XCrimsonX7X says:

    Can this fit an Maximus V Extreme?
    It’s an E-ATX board.

  18. teeblack06 says:

    i have a asetek 570lx the rad is 38.3mm thick will this fit in the top of this case?

  19. RazerrSnipz says:

    Why cant i turn the fans? it just wont let me.
    + one of my screws wont come out :(

  20. Trevor Thompson says:

    Nice review not too long but detailed! Im buying this case for sure.

  21. dracorider says:

    Cases don’t really “age” like the rest of the computer. A power button turns a computer on, and fans keep a computer cool – they don’t change too much.

  22. MultiWildcat2 says:

    3:23 will it fit a 120mm fan?

  23. SandCube96 says:

    It does :D

  24. 420FreeLife says:

    @BLOWBACKKID It’s an awesome case, it will be still be awesome next year.

  25. BLOWBACKKID says:

    im going to buy a pc in a year, is this still a good one over a year or will it be outdated?
    + does anyone know if CM will release a new gaming case soon?

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