Cooler Master HAF 932 Advanced Full Tower Case Review

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Cooler Master HAF 932 Advanced Full Tower Case Review

Click here for the full review. Cooler Master brings together outstanding quality and user-friendly design in this rugged full tower computer case. The HAF 932 has an innovative button design for easy maintenance and upgrades of 5.25″ drive devices along with tool-free clips for add-on card installation. This chassis provides plenty of room for three long video cards while maintaining an open air configuration. Anti-vibration pads are included for superior noise reduction during those hard-core power-eating gaming sessions. The cable management system assists with cable routing and neatness. Mesh case bottom and extra large fans provide superior airflow and cooling. The internal radiator mount is standard size to support most liquid cooling kits. Show off your beast’s interior with the acrylic side window. This heavyweight provides superior protection for all of your pricey components and, with the all-steel construction, will probably outlast even the most robust system configurations.
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Answer by gangadharan_nair
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25 Responses to “Cooler Master HAF 932 Advanced Full Tower Case Review”

  1. Tristan Timmerman says:

    That red neon… Do i need to but something separate to turn that on? Or will it go on when i start it up?

  2. Jonnagh Fersq says:

    Does this come with fans ? If so which ones

  3. Austin Surridge says:

    i doubt you will replay to this since your comment is 2 months old but where would you buy these?

  4. Ornicaful says:

    No filters :( (

  5. Ola Karlsson says:

    No dustfilters.

  6. Hoangphuoc Pham says:

    ah yes !

  7. pyrox369 says:

    can u buy your own airfilters and install it on this?

  8. Gwux76 says:

    Aw I really like this case but it has the ugly ass HAF on the side lol

  9. BTSxHaZaRD says:


  10. TravisKramer33 says:

    hdmi port ????

  11. ZimboHD says:

    i have cooler master haf 912 plus midi tower , its awesome, its new :) and it works like a dream, but after 2weeks my pc wont turn on :( when i click on the power button, the red light comen on for like 1sec, and then goes off

    and its just 4-5weeks old ;(

    Please help!

  12. karna77330 says:

    can i posed a MegaFlow 200mm RED LED on the left ?

  13. blackmamba725 says:

    Do I hear some FGFC820 music there? Good choice!

  14. NoClassPlz says:

    Do the fans come with it? I read on newegg, but it wasn’t very discriptive

  15. Pov Con says:


  16. Pov Con says:

    of course ;) 

  17. SHOOTto THRILL says:

    will this fit the ASUS Rampage IV Gene Motherboard?

  18. sdoieqwfjhweoiuhasdo says:

    So how many fans am I going to have to buy myself in order to occupy all fan slots for this case?

  19. desamania says:

    that case is gonna be legendary

  20. iNekoNaru says:

    barley any dust.. there’s NO dust filters at all.. so that depends on the fans your using and how clean your room is.

  21. DarkBahamut977 says:

    but does it blend?

  22. bluebananaboi says:

    i dont know which one this or storm trooper ;_;

  23. Gwynnbleid030 says:

    Can i store beer in it?

  24. Boricua0082 says:

    @PCWizKid will i be able to put my hyper 212 plus heat sink or will the side fan be in the way?

  25. Kole Powell says:

    where can i buy some dust filters for this beast?

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