Chronic Illness & Crohn’s Disease: A Wise Teenager’s Perspective

Crohn Disease Information

Chronic Illness & Crohn’s Disease: A Wise Teenager’s Perspective

This Video features an email I received from a then-19-year old, Jennifer Wheeler, now a talented artist in college who was battling various social aspects of living with Chronic Illness and Crohn’s Disease. When her Date asked, “Is Crohn’s Disease contagious?” she knew there was something not being communicating to people about the etiquette of inquiring about chronic disease. After listening to her being upset, I thought her insights and perspective were wise, prophetic and truly indicative of what people go through who must battle chronic illnesses of all kinds. So I asked her to write down these thoughts and send them to me in an email as I thought this would help her get through the experience. However, when I received her email I told her that I wanted to share it with others because it contained many nuggets of helpful information they could use in coping with their illness. As a testament to Jen’s strength and courage, she agreed without hesitation and the result is this very powerful Video.
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Depression Increases Risk of Crohn's Disease
crohn disease information
The risk of Crohn's disease is doubled by the presence of depressive symptoms, while ulcerative colitis remains immune to it, according to a recent study. Crohn's disease or syndrome, also known as regional enteritis, is a type of inflammatory bowel …
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  1. Twilightrainbowpath says:

    Hey i have this. Only im 13. The doctors said it was very´╗┐ bad. Worse then an adults. It was one of the worst they had seen.

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