Breast Cancer

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Breast Cancer

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Question by nra2877: Can changing your bodys ph level from acidic to alkaline really prevent cancer?
I read in a few books and on a few websites that cancer and other illnesses cannot survive in an alkaline state. Of course there are just as many “experts” that say this is false. Is it true?
Unfortunately I can’t remember the names of the books or sites for sure. I’m pretty sure one of the books was that Kevin Trudeau infomercial book. I read a portion of it while traveling. I really can’t remember though.

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Answer by meisastarya
i really don’t know. Sorry.

PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!;_ylt=Aig4WkV_2Z2kSW9T5u.tm_7sy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20080722181041AANIFrL

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How some prostate tumours resist treatment — and how it might be fixed
cancer disease information
This stage of the disease is called androgen-insensitive or castration-resistant prostate cancer. In a study … Based on this new information, Siah2 could make a promising biomarker for tracking a prostate cancer patient's response to therapy …
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25 Responses to “Breast Cancer”

  1. UnderTheTuscanNun says:

    Healthy living, lots of fresh foods, wheatgrass, cannabinoids, yoga and some good old fashioned spirituality seem to be the best way to go. No, i’m not a hippie.

  2. islaroy21 says:


  3. RaisonDetre96 says:

    I’m asking in all seriousness this question: Does breast cancer always begin in the nipple area of the breast, or can it begin elsewhere? Was this diagram just one scenario?

  4. Joe Byrd says:

    There is a cure but the government will not let it be known because they use it as population control but when one of them gets sick they are cured real fast.

  5. mymollypuppy says:

    I found out a few months ago that my mom had breast cancer. After three chemo treatments and many radiation treatments, she’s cancer free!
    Sadly, just about 20 minutes ago, I found out that my great aunt may have breast cancer. Her doctor is certain about it, but they still need the biopsy to confirm it.

  6. DoodleSnozzle says:

    I just found out today that my mom has breast cancer! The doctors are gonna remove her whole breast :,(

  7. Dr.James Meschino says:

    Nice animated video. Cancer patients will be Inspired from this video post and the help provided here is really great. This video will discuss about the surgery for not only the prevention of cancer but also in supporting the patient living with cancer. It’s really good to know that you can help people out that much.

    Thank you
    James Meschino
    Follow @ NaturslHealthTest(dot)com

  8. fahd694 says:

    ppl out there doing there best (im 1 of them and im 15 years old) all im trying to say keep up the good work and god bless u :)

  9. Angel Dominguez says:

    i hope my mom’s biopsy is not cancerous. her mammogram is suspicious for cancer.

  10. Margo Rey says:

    Join in the fight to find a cure! View my channel to watch my special message for breast cancer awareness month, share it and become inspired!

  11. TheJasekiwi says:

    well good luck on that! :)

  12. Alien Lurker says:

    I pray that she does get better and be well. Be strong…

  13. manualLaborer says:

    wow, i accidentally came here (looking for the death metal band “breast cancer”) and ended up learning something. very informative and well done.

  14. Alicia Fray says:

    I’m a 12 year old girl who has lost a phew family members towards cancers including breast cancer, and I am very determined to find a cure for cancer but I’m not sure yet wether it will work since I can’t test it out, I really hope one day I can find the cure for cancer!

  15. Natalia Love says:

    I hope your mom gets better,,

  16. Lisaa95ful says:

    same here

  17. samisayshi says:

    i just found out yesterday my mom has breast cancer…..i am in shock and don’t know what to do…..

  18. Daniel Serna says:

    My grandmother had breast cancer and thankfully she is now cancer free.

  19. Helen Eschenbacher says:

    I’m sorry but you sound like a 2 year old! I don’t wanna take a nap! I don’t wanna learn…I don’t wanna eat my vegetables! But now I HAVE TO!
    Oh grow up! Take responsibility for yourself and your health. Look outside of yourself and volunteer with Livestrong or the American Cancer society. Help yourself by helping other women who are also going though this disease. There are about 300,000 women who develop invasive and non-invasive breast CA each year in the USA! Move on and help others!

  20. Jasmine171819 says:

    I know it’s a bit late for a reply, and I hope your mom is doing ok! Technically there is always worry it can come back, BUT oncologists nowadays can usually tell if a tumour has a good signature or a bad one to determine the appropriate treatment. If surgery was the only course of action recommended, she should be okay, because in cases with a poor signature, sometimes oncologists suggest radiation therapy and/or preventative chemotherapy.

  21. Jasmine171819 says:

    You are right, there are a lot of cancers males get too. I think nucleus animation had one on prostate cancer. And the reality is men can have breast cancer as well, it’s just not as common.

  22. Jasmine171819 says:

    Don’t worry hun, at your age it’s normal for the breasts to be asymmetrical and to have lumps or swelling or pain behind the nipples. Keep an eye on it though, and if you are still worried, get it checked out by a doctor.

  23. Jasmine171819 says:

    Technically speaking it is possible. But try not to worry, it’s not too likely if you’re only fourteen. Make sure you get it checked out there and keep monitoring it!

  24. Jasmine171819 says:

    I’m so sorry to hear that hun :( It’s a hard road but if you’re there for her, it’ll make it all the better for her. Don’t listen to ThingsBetweenTimes, he’s spouting crap. I hope she’s on the road to recovery.

  25. 1SAUDI1 says:

    can the breast cancer hit men ?

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