AVG Education – Be Aware of Where You Sign In | Privacy & Identity Protection

10 Internet Safety Tips

AVG Education – Be Aware of Where You Sign In | Privacy & Identity Protection

Holly Burn reminds you to be aware of where you sign in from Learn more about privacy and identity protection on AVG Blogs: blogs.avg.com?cmpid=seo_yt Learn more about AVG products that help protect your privacy on social networiking sites www.avg.com The most worrying aspects of having your identity stolen are that it appears to be relatively easy to do and how appalling the consequences of losing your identity in today’s digitally connected world can be. Essentially, identity fraud means criminals using your personal information for monetary gain, but it can also mean opening bank accounts in your name, redirecting your post to another address or even securing a passport using your personal details. So what can you do to prevent the fraudsters getting enough of your details to be able to clone your identity and then wreak havoc with your finances and your life! We’ve put together a list of tips to help you stay safe and keep the fraudsters at bay. Don’t throw anything away that contains any of the following information unless it has been shredded or ripped up to make the document ineligible. So shred the following: Bank statements, utility bills, application forms, chequebook stubs, card receipts and letters that have personal details. Be aware of phishing phone calls — if someone asks you to give away personal information over the phone, check their details and get a phone number to call back the organisation and check they are legitimate. See how easy it is to hustle
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Sexting thrives behind a veil of secrecy
10 internet safety tips
It enables users to set a timer on both picture and video messages so that they will disappear between one and 10 seconds after being opened. Just before Christmas, Facebook launched its … Will Gardner, chief executive of Childnet International …
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