Why do we have an appendix if we do not really need?

Why do we have an appendix if we do not really need?

Appendix seems sometimes do more harm than good, as his tonsils. You do not even listen to the Annex before it ignites, unless you have studied medicine. Once it becomes inflamed, there is a risk of organ failure and spread of bacteria throughout the abdomen, causing severe pain and even death in some cases. However, it can be easily removed by surgery, and its removal has no apparent effect on the body. So if that is so important to have problems, why do we have an appendix?

The common belief that until recently was that the system has no useful function whatsoever, and it’s actually quite dangerous for health. Was fifty years ago, for example, if you asked a doctor for the purpose of the schedule, the answer would be “No”, said with certainty. The United States, approximately seven percent of the population an appendectomy during their lives, and suffer no obvious adverse effects. Therefore, the attachment as “leftovers” of evolution is useful in some mammals but not humans considered. In fact, in some mammals Schedule supports the digestion of cellulose, a major component of the grass and the stems and leaves of many plants. Primates, but eat grass.

In addition, recent research has discovered that the plant has a role after all. Immunologists led the study on the number of bacteria in our gut we need to survive is based. These bacteria play a game is a big role in breaking down food so that they can be used by our bodies, and researchers have evidence that appointments to live for a place for these essential bacteria, has been found. In some cases, cause diseases that are accompanied by extreme diarrhea, such as exhausted a drain end of the intestine, the bacterial populations are considerable. The hypothesis is that when bacteria are dead, appendix serves as a reservoir for bacteria, they accelerated the release in the intestine and the recovery. Thus, this new theory is, people can survive without a schedule, since it is rarely used, and can recover again without them.

But even with this hypothesis, we use the system, but the risks associated with appendicitis, are much more important than the benefits of a schedule. So even if it makes sense, after all, everyone agrees that the inflammation of the appendix should be removed.


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