Appendectomy – surgical procedure to remove appendix

Appendectomy – surgical procedure to remove appendix

Appendectomy is the medical term for surgery to remove his appendix. It may be called for an appendicitis, even under different names such as surgery for appendicitis, appendicectomy or appendix surgery.

The facility is located on the lower right abdomen, and it has no practical use in the human body. If the plant has swollen and causes pain, may cause its ignorance, its brightness inside the body, causing serious infections and diseases can be fatal poses. Sometimes the system to the healing of previous infections and the causes of recurrent pain. If patients have these symptoms and it is doubtful that it is better to use the schedule to withdraw sick leave in the appendix in the body. However, there are also cases where the system is found to be normal when removed.

The appendectomy is generally performed in an emergency, the inflammation of the appendix to treat appendicitis as we know. The cause of appendicitis may include the insertion of a foreign body, the adhesion of the intestines and hardened masses of feces in causing inflammation, infection or blockage, and swelling of the lymph tissue varies by a viral infection . Common symptoms include plants vomiting, constipation, nausea and pain. The pain resolves in the central abdomen and moves to the lower right abdomen. These symptoms are present in many people’s needs and diagnosis of the abdominal cavity.

The surgical procedure is either open or laparoscopic appendectomy. In open surgery, the surgeon cuts the skin and abdominal wall to access the system. Laparoscopic appendectomy involves making three small incisions for surgical instruments and filled the whole abdominal cavity with carbon dioxide to be added to separate the organs of the abdominal wall. Laparoscopic surgery is converted into open surgery for infected appendix. Laparoscopic appendectomy involves small keyhole incisions to remove the appendix.

Possible complications of appendectomy, the appendix infection. Those who have a ruptured appendix develop an abscess (ball of pus) surgically into the abdominal cavity following surgery for appendicitis drained. Disinfection of the abdominal cavity is important and intravenous fluids are administered into the veins of the arms. Another common type of wound infection.

You can see the process in detail by the video of the operation, which is available on the Internet. In addition, articles of health professionals and new can help learn more about the appendectomy. Awareness of these issues can take our own health.


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