AMD A10-5800K Trinity APU Processor Video Review

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AMD A10-5800K Trinity APU Processor Video Review

Click here for the latest pricing on the AMD A10 5800K Trinity APU Processor.
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computer tips for kid Best answer:

Answer by Shanti
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25 Responses to “AMD A10-5800K Trinity APU Processor Video Review”

  1. thestar111 says:

    Good review.

  2. bmw2go11 says:

    youtube’s homepage is so extremely fucked up and cluttered with advertisements and channels spamming “recommended” and “liked” videos that ive hated and have refused to subscribe to for 5 years on this fucking website!!!!*^#i&$o

  3. jjj10man says:

    Any ideas why?

  4. JackGray99 says:

    so would this be good with bf3 farcry3  and minecraft i know minecraft would be good but i just thought i was wrong

  5. okN00b says:

    “Still can’t beat intel pentium processors…” Bitch Please, have you ever heard of benchmarks fanboy? Check your sources rather than flame with your ignorance, the A10-5800K beats the i3-3220 with processing speed and IG processing. Plus its more cheaper. Fanboy

  6. jordanh48 says:

    it means there unlocked so you can overclock then

  7. HKFLX4656 says:

    what does the K stand for? intel also has the K in their Cpu’s

  8. Telekine5i5 says:

    Can you Run Torchlight 2 on This ^_^

  9. LoLHackulous says:

    LOL THATS WHAT I WAS SAYING! on this pc i can barely run it on like 5 fps LOL

  10. crackfirecmh says:

    where is overclock review? please hurry up :) 

  11. pablo mendez says:

    light gaming but it can play crisis 2 on highest settings on like 30 FPS ?

  12. SteelCity1981 says:

    this apu is the best bang for your buck on a budget. You get decent quad-core performance with solid gpu performance on one chip for less then 130 dollars. Plus it comes with features that intel core i3′s don’t like Turbo Core, AVX, VT etc..

  13. Hankextreme says:

    I don’t think the review emphasized how AMAZING these APUs are, amazing price, amazing GPU performance and great CPU.

  14. growingneeds says:

    Wait. it shows 4 cores and 4 threads. Shouldn’t it have 8 threads?

  15. growingneeds says:

    OMG. I thought you had stopped producing videos. THANK GOD YOU”RE BACK!!! I’m re-subscribing!

  16. CoolosPL says:

    Mr Mackey ;-) .

  17. wastefuldragon says:

    Im thinking of using an a8-5600k for a media server with Plex how well will it perform ?

  18. mangkaw321 says:

    Overclocked it to 4.4ghz and it scored 7204.

    GPU 6423

    CPU 11345

  19. Jordan Blum says:

    also in addition to my other question.. I’m new to the whole building computers.. but I have a very basic idea on how to do it and have watched numerous videos to get a good idea. I’m curious, with this having built in graphics are you still able to add a graphics card to the systems without causing issues?

  20. Jordan Blum says:

    I heard an fm1 a55 would be fine to run this in.. is that true? im doing a budget build and I have that selected from new egg.. waiting for check then going to order parts. Your feedback would be greatly appreciated! :)

  21. Daniel Pagan says:

    It runs almost any game at 720p ( I can play bf3 with my a8) at 1080p you really push the graphics limit sadly

  22. mangkaw321 says:

    SIr, please teach me how to overclock this in stable? I have g.skill 1866mhz 4gb and Gigabyte GA-F2A75M-D3H.

  23. agreatflood2121 says:

    Did you run Crysis 2 in DX11 on its Highest Settings?
    And is the APU by itself or in Crossfire?

  24. blueslash23 says:

    @Ms0so ,get the AMD its cheap compared to intel processor unless u want to get the i3 processor,but due to season 3 patch, the graphics in lol increased enormously,so just get the AMD as it is good in gaming perfomance and video browsing

  25. yewtubepl0x says:

    The benchmarks say different :l

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