7 Habits Cause Bloated Stomach

Do you have a problem with a bloated stomach? Want to shrink the stomach but found it difficult? It turns out, has known some that are considered healthy habits that in fact it can add fat to your stomach.

1. Skipping Meals Left
These tactics always backfire. This will make you feel very hungry ending with overeating. And when you do that, fat certainly will settle in your stomach. Eat with a portion of divided every three to four hours will make the stay full without adding extra fat on your stomach.
2. Only eat vegetables and Avoid Eating Meat
Women often avoid meat, fish and dairy group because they think it contains only calories and fat. But remember, these foods are super sources of protein foods that help increase your metabolism, so you can drive out the fat in your stomach. Choose a low calorie and low fat, like cheese or tuna (6 ounces from one of them to meet three-quarters of your daily protein needs).
3. Think It’s All Good Bakery
White bread is not good, but wheat bread and cereals could enable insulin levels rise gradually, thus reducing the possibility of increasing the fat on your stomach. Brown rice, oatmeal or corn tortillas to replace white rice or noodles will make a difference in your stomach.
4. Conducting Continuous Crunch
Sit-ups can indeed provide the muscle tone in your stomach, but this exercise will not erode the layer of fat covering your abdominal muscles. Instead of wasting your time just to do the crunch, you better take your time to do weight training equally to all parts of the body and then proceed to run fast on a treadmill.
5. Excessive Alcohol Drinking
Alcohol has many calories, but no nutrients at all. So when you drink alcohol in large quantities, you are not consciously invite into your abdominal fat. If you are looking for drinks, you can choose red wine, research shows if a red wine can actually help fight the fat in your stomach.

6. Consumption Diet Products

You may think that you are helping your body by choosing sugar-free yogurt, diet soda, or other mild foods labeled low-calorie or low fat. But it is often filled with artificial sweeteners in excessive amounts, which some nutritionists believe could trigger your metabolism to increase fat storage.
7. It is thought that fatty foods Enemy
Maybe you will hear the opposite, but foods high in monounsaturated fats help you burn belly fat and lead you to eat less. What are they? Nutritionists recommend the avocado, fish, olive oil or canola oil as a source of good fats.
Of the 7 habits above, is that still you do? If yes, immediately leave all that and start to improve it to help you shrink the stomach and prevent the accumulation of fat in your belly to grow.

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