★ Battlefield 3/BF3: HOW TO FLY A JET Tutorial! Tips + Tricks Best Online Gameplay | Helicopters

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★ Battlefield 3/BF3: HOW TO FLY A JET Tutorial! Tips + Tricks Best Online Gameplay | Helicopters

Video Provide By: www.youtube.com ★ Battlefield 3/BF3: BEST HOW TO FLY JETS HELICOPTERS Tutorial! Tips + Tricks Online Gameplay ———————————————————————————————————– TAGS How to fly jets how to fly helicopters…
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Question by daanblok: Sleeping problems are controlling my life, any tips to get over it?

I got chronic sleeping problems. First of all i dont have any sleeping rhythm. Second its VERY hard for me to get into sleep, sometimes i just lay in my bed for 6 hours and still aint sleeping. I also get way to less sleep because of this, like 3-4 hours on weekly days, and like 12-16 hours in weekend, not good at all. Its a wonder that my school is still going fine but i feel always tired and feel liek a zombie on school:-(.

So do you guys have tips or things that might work for my problem?

Thank you in advance,


computer tips for kid Best answer:

Answer by elpiri177
look up this book, the art of chi kung by wong kiew kit

the very first excersize called lifting the sky will cure you in your first attempt assuming you do it 10 to 20 times. it cured me of the same

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25 Responses to “★ Battlefield 3/BF3: HOW TO FLY A JET Tutorial! Tips + Tricks Best Online Gameplay | Helicopters”

  1. Dildo Bagins says:

    you never go in 3rd? shit dude

  2. DuckWarfare says:

    u get me dizzzzzzzzy

  3. patriotaRBC says:

    Do you use mouse or the keyboard to control the jet. Dude i fly using the keyboard directional arrows and it seems that the jet don’t make curves too fast !

  4. Gabriel Martins says:

    every bf3!

  5. tommie1757 says:

    can you fly a jet in every bf 3 or just in the limited editions??

  6. jah stinson says:

    i do god then….orange triangle lol

  7. synapticrapture says:

    mouse and keys or joystick?

  8. iMezhaRx says:

    Bro, you forgot to mention something. Never go in the enemy base and show your ass when going back to your teams base. I sometimes get killed because jets respawn in the enemy base, I wish this helps you guys!!

  9. TRiiKzZ1CoD says:

    top jet skills are only gained when playing and watching what your friends and enemies do during games

  10. FireRoadProductions says:

    Sucks for console players haha

  11. jedihillis says:

    I was thinking the exact same thing just now haha

  12. kidkudi235 says:

    @tnthvhf for sure dude you hit the nail on the head there ALSO! i think you would enjoy this game have a look > bit.ly/T0ANDi?=vnogs

  13. Nol Kullashi says:

    Check your comment, you said “HALS SON”. HAL is a character from Malcolm in the middle who is played by Bryan Cranston. In your comment you say, “You sound like the retarded cripple from breaking bad. Hals son.” HAL? There is no HAL in breaking bad, theres a HAL in Malcolm in the middle but not in Breaking bad, you got the characters confused like the retard you are. Cant school the teacher.

  14. TheZER0C00L says:

    The retard you sound like is Walter White Jr. played by RJ Mitte, and the actor your referring to is Bryan Cranston who plays Walter White in breaking bad. aka hal in Malcolm in the Middle. Now sit your cripple ass down, you just got schooled.

  15. Nol Kullashi says:

    Hal? is that from Malcolm in the middle XD Same actor, wrong character

  16. TheZER0C00L says:

    You sound like the retarded cripple from breaking bad. Hals son,

  17. edro31111 says:

    Believe it’s theme from the old “Dating Game” show from the 70′s.

  18. FireRocker01 says:

    Intro music name?

  19. birdseye422 says:

    No, i am studying datalogic and that is NOT true

  20. Quanfinity says:

    No offence but your are really bent in Jets :3

  21. Justus de Mee says:

    You need to unlock them its called ROCKET PODS :D

  22. jayjaybirdsnest says:

    Once again, What a load of shit.

  23. Justin lee says:

    It might remove it and it might not idk im just saying what I heard

  24. MultiLegend98 says:

    Im new to BF3 but how can i fire rockets??
    Please no trolling pls answer

  25. jayjaybirdsnest says:

    What a load of fucking shit, It does not. Don’t believe everything on the internet, A button on your Keyeboard DOES NOT Delete anything from your Hardrive.

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